Beautiful Romantic Wedding “Photos”

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Watch the video…my sentiments exactly for losing the boyfriend that had her strung out on drugs and keeping Moss going to the left….YUP!

I finally had a chance to sit down and glance at the Kate Moss digital images. Kate Moss is looking quite lovely on the front of US Vogue September 2011. Ms. Moss walked down the isle in July to wed Jamie Hince. The supermodel wore a custom made John Galliano wedding dress. Moss was absolutely glowing…congratulations to the beaming bride and groom. Click below to beam at photographs of Kate Moss for Vogue US September 2011 issue  never before seen wedding photos of her A-list guests as well as more wedding photos shot by photographer Mario Testino.

I am jotting down notes. The most important factor folks need to realize is when a shutterbug is in the room with their pricey camera gear (CANON) at their wedding and someone hired the shutterbug to snap the family and the wedding party photographs. At least Smile, glam it up for the lens and be as beautiful as you can muster in front of thephotographer4you®. Let the bright light shine on you “bride” and “groom”, after all it is your special day! Don’t blame thephotographer4you® that you hired to take your photographs for your special day for poor quality images based on your venue and dismal demeanor. The images captured will be the one presented before the lens and that is all thephotographer4you® can deliver within the specified time period. Dark halls, acting boogie, being cold to your vendors, rude, uppity attitude, acting asinine, no communication to thephotographer4you® and simply collecting folks to attend on your guest list for the sake of cheap gifts is not the business. It makes for a bad experience for the guest, everyone involved and the photographs will not be up to part…don’t blame the thephotographer4you®. You need to blame yourselves for improper behavior and poor planning. Being a bitchy bridezilla and groomzilla to your vendors and guest is not an indicator of proper mannerism during the most important day of your life. Note that is not the truth…someone lied to folks, the groom, the wedding planner and whoever else will be paying the bill need to get a reality check; whomever is paying the bill will get that “reality” once the time comes to pay the vendor and most of the time that is when the check arrives. You get what you pay for….and if you think it is grand to be an asswipe…so be it!  The most important vendor to pay is thephotographer4you® for their services rendered at your memorable event. thephotographer4you® is capturing all of your special memorable moments. thephotographer4you® that you select to capture your special memorable moment on your special day. Please pay thephotographer4you® for all services rendered….


#Justsaying don’t you want to have  beautiful memories that can last forever? The things I notice at a few weddings I have snapped that make me wonder? Scratching my head!

This is not to say that your wedding will emulate Moss or anyone else wedding, after all it is your special day. All I am saying is that thephotographer4you® on your wedding day is the most important individual at the wedding to capture the bride and groom at their special wedding which is a big “event!”  The shutterbug is the one individual that you want to keep in your peripheral vision that will preserve your memories forever. Especially if you paid for a thephotographer4you® to do his/her job at your big event. By the way did I mention, these are the most beautiful and romantic photographs going into September……if you got married and did not allow thephotographer4you® to take your pictures correctly…perhaps the next time you will “SMILE!”



Check out the the full editorial at US VOGUE. Read about Kate Moss: Kiss Me, Kate and she was turned out by her now husband. Uh huh…#justsaying girl is married now!

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