Barack Obama Road to Victory

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A good friend of mine who is a Photographer based in Philadelphia sent me an email that stated “Reactions Around the World”. I put together a montage of pictures of “Obama Road to Victory” by using “Kyte” to create a video. There will be a lot of videos on the web. You get a complete picture of “Obama Road to Victory” by visiting his flickr page. Remember folks we elected a President who is driven and he is a up to date on the latest technology type of guy. He has young children and they are totally into today’s technology too. I think after today I will take a chill pill on the Obama mania on my WordPress 2.6.3 blog. He needs a chance to get acclimated to his job as the Elected President of the United States. Now we wait for the results. I believe he is going to do a mighty fine job of cleaning up the White House before he can really get down to the real issues at hand. Remember he stepping into a pile of shit. I don’t think any human being in their right mind would think that at the snap of a finger everything is going to be all peachy. Give the 44th president of the United States and his Vice President Biden a chance to move into their new homes and relocate their family to DC.

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All digital images snatched off the Internet. I edited some with Photoshop and LucisArt

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