Cooking In My Kitchen

Finally got back to my grind in the kitchen this afternoon after running errands and getting the final fixings for my Thanksgiving feast. Of course I turned on the dadoo-dirty show for the latest news, music, buzz and gossip. I listened to Steve Harvey early this morning and got my afternoon funk on with “The Jamie Foxx” show.  I agree with Shirley Strawberry when she said she couldn’t stop laughing about how Steve got with his boys about not answering the door when the door bell rings……I am so…. getting ready for the Beyonce show on Thanksgiving and tons of movies. The plan is to kiki it up with my husband, my baby boys, family, neighbors and dear friends if they decide to stop by the crib. I am just looking forward to the moment to hang out with my men in my family….I am thankful for them all!

Tonight I figure I would work on my meatballs, collar greens, sweet potato pies and lords know what else I can muster together in the kitchen. I love it when it when I get the opportunity to throw down in my kitchen. I am extremely thankful and Thanksgiving is not the only day I give thanks. I am thankful for the opportunity to breath, see, hear, walk, smell and love life. I am thankful for the journey and the opportunity to connect with my love ones and dear neighbors and friends. It has been at least 3-4 years since I have prepared a Thanksgiving dinner in my own kitchen and I am thankful for it. One of the best “Thanksgiving that I have ever had was feeding the homeless with my cousin Marge who coordinated the effort through Lincolnia Tabernacle, the church I grew up in…..I can remember looking deeply into the face of homeliness and thought about how difficult that was for the people we were feeding and clothing. Some folks choose to be on the streets I learned. We started early in the morning to feed the anyone we saw on the streets of Philadelphia……through Trevose back woods. That was a random thought I had while I type…..anyway got to get to those meatballs. Pssst in between waiting for my food to do what it do…..I will blogging about the process of my food preparation in the kitchen. Cheers….lol!

Yup! I am cooking Chitterlings….I found these at Weiss and my heart skipped a beat from the thought that the chitterlings will cause a rise in hypertension especially after I smoother them with hot sauce. The cake turned out OK….I failed to flour the pan and that cause the cake to come crumbling out of the bundt cake pan. The yams are cooking and the collars are on the stove…..yeah baby!

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