When Animals Strike Back

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I remember growing up and during that time I would hear Richard Pryor talk about black people in the woods. I can vouch for most of the black folks in my family. We don’t camp, nor do the generations of relatives close to my age hunt, we don’t hike nor do we want to ever go hiking either. Man, I am sitting here watching “When Animals Strike 3″ (killer bees). Check out this website, the stories are incredible and unreal but real. Let me tell you the shit is real. It sends a clear message that you better not go f*cking around with mother nature without a firearm, an ax or some type of protection. If your cocky you better have on serious protection gear covering the vital parts of your body. You know the kind your mother would tell you to wear when skate boarding or biking. You’ll need more than that if your attack in the woods with no one around to help you fight off that wild animal. I have respect for that great aunt Bertha who I thought was the wicked witch from the east who refuse to let the girls go in the woods with the boys when I was younger. Who knew the doll knew  a little somethings about nature that my young mind could not decipher during my youth. My dumb ass when I was younger never thought once about encountering a wild animal in the woods or the ocean….I use to be fearless. I would go into the ocean, kayaked and White Water rafted in Yellowstone River, Jet Ski and Canoed.

Just imagine a cougar pouncing on your neck and your caught off guard. What about a big brown bear attacking you on the hiking trail. A sting ray jumping out of the water piercing you in the heart. Killer bees coming at you full speed ready to eat your ass alive. Crocodile man don’t have nothing on this show. Man, I am no longer interest in jet skiing which was one of my favorite activities when visiting islands many million years ago. For those who are wild animal lovers and hear nature calling; before you do venture into the wild you need to watch “When Animals Strike” (deers) on Animal Planet. The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet is the truth!

Gone are the days when animal experts told you to lay still when a bear is up on you. Lay there if you want to and that bear will eat your ass alive. Personally I think instinct should tell your ass to run but what do I know. Laying on the ground and lying still is the last thing you want to do base on the damage to people that is depicted on “When Animals Strike”. Textbook theory is a lot different than reality. According to the Animal Channel, you better fight that animal like your trying to live. I see deers and I saw a fox lurking in the woods were I live. I need to carry a big stick and some mace. Creepy….Animals are being displaced from their nature environment due to all this building of new homes and reconstruction. Animals have no choice but to go after humans. We look like food to them, we have become the prey. A wild animal and dangerous is hard to control…..some of these people I tilt my hats off to them. My advice to you would be stay the hell out of the ocean and water without weapons to protect your life against these wild and dangerous animals. Stop trying to raise wild and dangerous animals too!

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