Amber Rose Finally Speaks Up About Kanye West

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Amber Rose is absolutely a gorgeous woman…..need I say more! I agree with Wendy Williams, no one can sport a bald head like Amber Rose. Jada Pinkett Smith comes close but I love her with long hair. Sinead O’ Connor can rock a bald head and still does….she was a fab doll too!

Here is I see but nobody ask me.: If Kim Kardashian can get on a video and perform sex with Ray J and divorce a man in 72 hours for the sake of ratings. Clearly showing a skin, not beat up pussy lips with a finger in her twat photographs and dating a celebrity by the name of Kanye West should not be held against Amber Rose for being on her hustle and grind. A girl has got to do what a girl got to do! Period! Hmmm…I wonder what is Kim Kardashian hollywierd raise and silver spoon round ass excuse is for making a sex tape? Hmmm….

Amber Rose opens up about her past relationship with Kanye West and reveals if she wants to marry her new boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. Plus, find out if anything ever happened between Amber and Kim K’s ex, Reggie Bush. I am feeling Ms. Wendy. Gone now….Miss Molly with your badass!

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As an independent blogger I can say what Amber Rose can’t say on national television to you lonely, all up in her business, want to know how she grinding miserable, down trodden, gold digging heffas, hating on a sista girl grind and hateful biddy’s. Ole’ girl said she ain’t losing no sleep. Fall back bitches and just do you….and work on your own grind. TRUTH! Ain’t the doll adorable? Gag!

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Is there any wonder why Kanye West is apologizing to her after the breakup…oh he can get her back but it will take major work and serious diamonds, and what not thrown at this dolls feet. I am getting the popcorn and sipping on cheap champagne. This is about to get interesting. Uh huh… a Elizabeth Taylor baby girl…nothing less than 15 carats, I Do, major coins, I will never ever, ever, ever….talk that trash again in writing prenuptial agreement and then some. I like those two together. Wiz Khalifah maybe the love of her life and the Rose can talk that nonsense about forever but…..we shall see. YUP! 

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