Alter Egos Revealed

DBlanks the photographer behind the digital camera who captures images like no other. Truly in a league all by himself. His most recent photo shoot captures the alter-ego photos of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been revealed for our viewing pleasure! They all tapped into real life issues that the women are and have faced in their real lives therefore revealing their alter egos. He keeps this up and he will be one of the most sought after photographers around the globe.

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Kandi: Drunk Driver/Victim: currently a family member is still in ICU struggling for his life. He was hit by a drunk driver.

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Nene: Mother/Stripper: she basically danced to feed her family and than became a wife and the rest is history.

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Sheree: Robber/Victim: robbed by her husband of that 7 figure settlement, I wonder who is laughing now…ha

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Lisa: Good Girl/Bad Girl: she is sweet and demure but deep down inside this girl words can cut like a knife.

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Kim: Stepford Wife/Mistress: she has stated she does not have a problem with being a mistress and dating a married man.

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