Alphabet Photography “Christmas Flash Mob”

Chris Dabrowski, Director of PR (and a contributing photographer) at Alphabet Photography discusses how the video came together.

Q: Describe the logistics of the shoot.

A: An important aspect to of a true flash mob is to make sure that it is kept a secret, so it was vital everyone involved in including the 87-member choir, video operators, Mall representatives and everyone else who was involved kept this a secret. The Flash Mob took eight weeks of planning, which included meeting with the Mall on numerous occasions, organizing video operators and rehearsing with the choir, also keepoing in mind the performances was done accapella without a conductor, so this was something the choir had to adjust to as well. Seven hidden cameras were planted throughout the food court, as well as hidden microphones to capture the live performance as best we could. An organist was planted in the Mall at 11am to blend in with the Mall Goers. For an hour, Lynn the organist played Christmas songs. As Lynn was finishing ‘Jingle Bells’, this was the first soloist’s cue to begin the flash mob. The Flash Mob started by soloist Stephanie Tritchew, the girl on the cellphone.

(Founder) Jennifer Blakeley and I were both shooting the Flash Mob with our iPhones.

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