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mel gibson pic getty 45925424 Alert | Team Mel GibsonMy side.: Know this…everytime Oksana calls his house…he gonna have some words that would make your mouth go…OOOOH! Now real folks know if you lived long enough you all had those moments. Perhaps that was just me and Mel? Huh? LOL after the fact but dude ain’t laughing and Oksana knows that….until I see something that indicate that Mel beat her down. … he is an excellent freaking actor! Where are the digital photos with Oksana beat down in them?Evidence? This is my my stance…team MEL! If you drop my FB friendship, nice chilling w ya in cyberspace and thanks for reading my blog at thephotographer4you! I think Oksana and Mel may have started a trend in cyberspace for folks to air their dirty laundry…it is now official to go buck-wild with your personal shit!

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