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Adobe got it going on this year and has proven to be an outstanding leader within the digital imaging community. They are truly dogging the competition or simply providing users with tools that allow efficiency. You gotta love it!

  • Adobe Air 2 – New features include the ability to open documents with user’s default applications, access sound data directly from a microphone, and detect mass storage devices. Other improvements include packaging AIR applications in a native applocation installer, such as DMG (MAC) and EXE (PC). It supports multitouch and gesture events.
  • Flash player 10.1 – supports multi-touch and gestures and takes advantage of native mobile device capabilities such as mobile input models and accelerometers. Designed for mobility, the new player works on platform with limited memory and processing resources by leveraging hardware acceleration of graphics and video and other performance improvements, such as rendering, scripting, memory utilization, start up time, battery, and CPU optimizations.
  • Adobe Lightroom 3 – Just released as public beta on Adobe Labs. The coolest thing about this version is the ease of publishing collections of digital photographs to photo sharing websites. Users can drag and drop images directly into their Flickr Photo streams, if you have a Pro account you can automatically sync your images and view Flickr comments right inside the Library module. Improved Capture sharpening and Color Noise reduction tools as well as new Grain tool for adding film style grain to images screens and two new vignetter modes for creating natural looks. The sweetest thing for some of you serious digital photographers are new watermarking capabilities and more control for creative customized print layouts. Now available for beta testing.
  • Terry White, Adobe Guru who has a popular podcast available called Adobe Creative Video Podcast that features great tutorials takes his skills to another level for all folks who are digging Adobe. He has made over 300 episodes available through iPhone/iPod application. Once you downloaded the application you can stream episodes to your iPhone and it comes with bonus material. Terry updates the information weekly with a new tutorial and you get all of his content for a measly $1.99 at the App Store.
  • Adobe Photoshop – the free application is now available for the Andriod market.
  • Ebooks anyone – Adobe has joined forces with Barnes and Noble to standardize the open EPUB and PDF ebooks format. What is that you ask? EPUB is a reflow centric, XML- based, open standard format for eBook readers that has support from the publishing industry and the Association of American Publishers. eBooks can now be read on a slew of devices and smartphones that use the Barnes & Noble eReader software. Additionally the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK will soon be able to read content from the website. All eBooks will be copyrighted by adopting the Adobe Content Server to protect it from folks like me and you who are looking for freebies.
  • Viveza 2 has a new Photoshop release which allows you to make corrections to light and color in specific areas of your Photoshop documents without first making a selection or layer mask. Nice huh? Available for $199
  • Who knew that iPhone had a free Kindle application available for download to read eBooks? This is to encourage folks to start writing their novels in eBook format to broaden their audience.
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