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Pros and cons to Facebook’s fast growing role in digital photographyhas two sides.

According to this article, estimates are that 42 billion photos will be printed worldwide in 2013, a third fewer than the 63 billion printed in 2008. And if it maintains its momentum, Facebook will probably host the biggest share of these images.

Because everyone has a digital camera these days, it’s easy to snap a photo, plug it into your USB, and download it to Facebook. Then you can tag and share your photos with all of your friends, thus eliminating the need to print them off to hand to your friends personally.

It is important to know the details of using Facebook for photography. Back to the article from above:

“It’s also troubling that most users aren’t aware that uploading a picture to Facebook — and then deleting it from your camera — means you’ve lost the original image for good. According to a recent survey from market research firm InfoTrends, fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution. This is probably because Facebook photos look just fine on a computer screen. But when they are printed, the images cannot be cropped or enlarged without looking blurry.”

Did you know Facebook isn’t meant for storing your photographs? They reduce the quality of your image by as much as 80% – meaning you can never print a quality photograph from any file you save on Facebook.

Did you know CD/DVD’s may not be archival? Meaning your friends who received a CD/DVD with their wedding images may have nothing left of their memories after a few short years.

Facebook has been increased by almost 20% from 604 pixels to 720 pixels. Older photos will stay put at the previous maximum limit, users will now notice photos uploading at the higher resolution.

The picture provided is solely meant to represent the scale of the original max and new max side-by-side.

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