$35,000 Gold Balmain Dress Lands on 7th Cover

Most celebrities pride themselves on the motto…”I only wear it once” mantra, but the gold Balmain dress has landed a seventh cover. The gold number showed up on December’s British Elle, worn by Anne Hathaway. She looks great in the dress…YIKES! I hope Hathaway had fabulous night on the town wearing the dress to a glitzy function before she returned it back to the closets of Balmain. You know that is one dress you don’t want to rip or pretend you lost it. This is interesting because this is unprecedented in the high world of fashionable folks with disposable income for the pricey garments.

Anja Rubik wore the dress down the runway during Balmain’s Fall 2010 show. The Daily Mail reports you can buy the shorter version of the dress for around $31,000 or the longer version for $34,800. I wonder if a security guard comes packaged with the $35,000 Gold Balmain dress?

Convincing folks during this recession why they should plunk down the cash for the gold must have dress.: A spokeswoman for Balmain told the Daily Mail: “None of the magazines asked for cover exclusivity. The first cover came out in June so other magazines had seen it. No one has complained, so there is no drama at all.”

Said Elle editor Lorraine Candy: “It’s unusual because most of the time the fashion press offices make sure you don’t get sent the same things as someone else. It’s in the interest of the fashion house to make sure we all get something exclusive.

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