NGOs for Photographers

Most photographers cannot solely depend on magazines and newspapers to fund long-term projects. Instead, they have found a new strategy — working with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to get funding and distribution for their projects.
By Judith Gelman Myers Posted December 16, 2008

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs):

Duke University Guide to NGOs
Includes database of NGOs around the world dealing with human rights, the environment, and women, as well as tips on conducting your own research.

Directory of Development Organizations
Resource guide lists more than 50,000 organizations founded with the goal of reducing poverty.

UN Department of Public Information on NGOs
A directory of NGOs associated with the United Nations.

Newswire of Corporate Social Responsibility
News from businesses, NGOs, and agencies about social programs.

The user-driven online encyclopedia’s entry for NGOs includes several external links to useful Websites and portals for NGOs.

Global Policy Forum
Suggestions for further research resources on NGOs from the Global Policy Forum, a group that monitors policy making at the United Nations.

Grants — general:

Foundation Center
Databank of U.S. grant makers.

Nathan Cummings Foundation
Fosters arts and culture that enrich communities.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Advocacy and legal services for artists.

Grants — photography:

FiftyCrows Foundation
Social-change work based in Mexico.

Alaska Conservation Foundation Daniel Housberg Wilderness Image Award for Excellence in Still Photography
A $1,000 award is given to projects advancing the protection of Alaska’s wilderness and the discussion of related issues.

Blue Earth Alliance
501(c)(3) umbrella that sponsors photo projects to educate the public about threatened cultures and endangered environments. Also provides access to grant writers.

Dorothea Lang-Paul Taylor Prize
The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University annually awards $10,000 to a writer and a photographer in early stages of a collaborative documentary project.

Alexia Foundation
Dedicated to helping professional and student photographers produce images that promote world peace.

W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography
Encourages independent voices in journalism working against the economics of modern publishing.

Objective Reality Foundation
Ford Foundation grant to promote documentary and art photography. Maintains online information database.

PhotoPhilanthropy – PhotoPhilanthropy promotes and connects photographers with non-profit organizations around the world to tell the stories that drive action for social change.

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