Gone Are The Days of WTF!

wtf Gone Are The Days of WTF!

Read the constitution, learn the law, n study other folks religion, state laws, understand languages n whatnot before you open your ignorant mouthpiece. We all live in a global society in case your living under a rock.

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Opinions Are Like Assholes. We All Have One. Own Yours.

dis Opinions Are Like Assholes. We All Have One. Own Yours.

My opinion is my own. It is mine. I own the bantering opinionated comment left on the wall. Opinions are like assholes. We all have one. Sort of like toilet paper when we shit. We all believe we need tissue to wipe our asses. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn. How bout that….

I comment freely on most social media boards just like the next individual that participates n chime into the conversation…what you’re not gonna do is sway my opinion. Own your opinion. That is it.

Please note: If you don’t like my opinion because I do not agree with your opinion. Don’t comment, respond n sure as hell don’t think I will be used to start a war of the words. Why would I do that? I left my opinion. That is it! NEXT….

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WTF U On People?

pot WTF U On People? So this is what pot does to thinking minds? Dark light mi ass….whatever Snoop Dog n his followers…slow asses n you can’t  be serious? w

UMPH….eon a mini second. Yeah I thought dog was holding the dog pound down. Dog fan base made it painfully clean. Momma done….dog need a new audience ASAP! Justsaying……F all dat asinine shit! YUP! I said it goddamn it! This images received many likes on Instagram. Ummmm…WTF are those people smoking. All I see is a dark background with a purple spot in the image. Over my head!

Weird Shit I say/dem people are weird n on some asinine shit. YURP.

Wilting Veggies Goes into Compost Pile

tom sept 13 Wilting Veggies Goes into Compost Pile

Slogan. You live both feet in the world. A few emails I receive from time to time. F’ you mofos n biddy boos. Justsaying we all have bantering opinionated rants.

Here is my bantering opinionated ranting response. What it do I say? Additionally F ogg biddy boo n mofos. Smirk. It’s like that for rea? F you n f off swine….I want to eat a bowl of chitterlings with hot spicy pepper while raising mi middle finger…some of guns damn near taint the recipe. NEXT…that vegetable is rotting. I’ll simply toss in the compost pile. Recycle.

My response. Hell yeah…too much shit going on the world for me to put feet firmly in a knee deep of shit.

Uh huh Dee you bout dat church life?

Imagine if society powers to be treated wilting veggies n wilting individuals on the same accord? Something to think about…ummm./ I suggest peeps get their minds right n come into the 21at century. Justsaying…that is it!

Grow your own food n spread the goddamn joy around your hood! Justsaying sow a seed. Gardening growing power,,,grow food not lawns. Justsaying…that is it!

Where You at In da Poverty Cycle?

trevose poverty Where You at In da Poverty Cycle?

Can’t not a living soul explain poverty to me on the domestic front. Nah mane…poverty existed in America as long as I was a babe n birth out of my biological mother womb. Matter of fact many generations of poverty that are silence by poverty n lord knows what?

Real talk. I grew up in this house until shit went to the left after my biological mother passed away in 1976. I love Trevose to this day despite it all.

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Kicked Out of Social Media Groups

I’ve been kicked out of social media groups n folks groups I thought was mi ace boo cue…groups that I thought were reputable n the real deal. Whatever….onto the next one. I feel a song coming up. Can I just say out loud. I don’t give a damn.

Like really….was it something I said? Are were you just lurking being a nosey follower? Whatever…do you boo.

Onto the next thing during mi life journey…YOU?

Let’s talk about this for a minute. We friends, family or this is business baby? Oh seriously.

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Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

1 seed Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

I am slowly leaning toward the attitude about trading vegetables, trees, flowers and landscaping non edible plants seeds the same way I view photography TFCD. Justsaying…..seed trading n selling is bigger than I am. It can become a chaotic gardening journey venture.

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Stop Gunning Down Your Relatives

gullah Stop Gunning Down Your Relatives

As I sit here pondering bout most folks do not know their family tribe from whence forth they’ve spawn from….fast forward 21st century tree. Damn shame some folks are fighting against their own tree. Ignorance is a mother something…..STOP killing your brother n sisters. America has a melting pot of descendants that are clueless bout where they came from….as generations become far removed. History will be lost on all of us. TEACH! You could be gunning down your relative far removed….justsaying

Most folks are gullah n some of you white skinned folks are gullah too. Does not matter your nationality. Quiet as it is kept. Most folks have some gullah in their family trees. We all call our “gullah” by a different name. List to the words. They are important. What is in the message? Why are folks shooting one another? Whose war are you fighting? Who would have thought that the American people would be confronted with a domestic war in dem back streets, alley ways and city streets?


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Sow A Seed | Grow Food From a Seed

sun head Sow A Seed | Grow Food From a Seed

I do not have enough time in mi day to send seeds for GP. Send me a email with your address n whatnot. Get on the list. Otherwise purchase mi seeds.  XeeMe sputtering n spewing bantering rants. Ain’t enough hours in  a day for nonsense…….

@sherylunderwood NOPE > I Am Not My Nappy Hair

Since everybody n their momma want to talk big shit bout mi sister. I am going to swing n spew mi two cents. 

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning. I listen to mi boos every day n have the nerve to get a attitude if I oversleep. Sheryl Underwood was apologizing to the masses about her comedic hair commentary. I listened intently to her tone and felt like something was off about her voice. She was not her usual joyful self. I felt like she wanted to cry…mi big sis held it together though. The doll sounded tearful. I can hear it in her voice. I would have been a slobbering mess….oh well. I am a cry baby. Celebrity is a beast. WHOA!

Hmmmmmm….folks got their panties in a bunch cause doll spewed about saving nappy hair. I can only guess the audience that went in about the hair comments….YURP!

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pixel @sherylunderwood NOPE > I Am Not My Nappy Hair
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