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Today has been hell of a day due to my WordPress website acting all kinds of funky and WYSIWYG. My page layout was screwed up and a representative at hostgator was just as confused about my WordPress website as I was. It started yesterday evening when I notice that someone was linking to my website and leaving comment spam without registering to my site. My WordPress page layout got messed up and had font all over the place. I was scratching my head and stressing out about it with hostgator. I read so such information about Spambot that I can write a short book about it. I notice several days ago comments on my WordPress website, but being a newbie to WordPress; I thought, WOW, someone is visiting my blog and reading the content. Wrong!!!! The pirates and bandits don’t leave a comment nor do they register on your website. Calling these folks bandits and pirates is much nicer than what I am really thinking about them. It is all about comment spamming and f’ ing up your site. I really don’t understand these IP addresses that kept putting comment spam on my website. Blogging ain’t no joke there is a lot of behind the scenes that a lot of bloggers don’t talk about; at least the blogs I have read aren’t saying anything on their blog. I have set up SK2 , Askimet and Bad Behavior No matter how many times I deleted them they would pop up over and over again. This did some serious damage to my page and the hostgator representative did his best to find out what the problem was that was causing issues to my page. Now mind you last night was the first time I’ve ever read anything about comment spamming, index, no follow and I read Lorelle on WordPress article about linking. After reading her post it made me ponder about who is linking to my account and how do I feel about it?! I know I am going to go back to Lorelle’s on WordPress and read her post about Linking. Being a newbie to independent blogging exclusive of my myspace account which did not show me who was linking to my myspace. I am quickly learning that there is a lot of variables to blogging and understanding the behind the scenes of blogging is boggling to the mind. I needed to vent about this although I still don’t know what I think about linking, comments without folks registering on my website, spambots I am sure their is a whole slew of stuff that would make any blogger rethink about blogging.  Oh enough with the ranting and raving………I guess it all in the life of a blogger!

Report spam non official form Google

Report spam offical form Google

IP that are commenting without registering on my site and those are just an example to show for the purpose of this blog post.


I got this cute little star on a page that I signed up for a long time ago. It is rather cute that I get a star on my photographic images because the art community on Talentbase are checking out my digital images. Although it is not like a Monet by any means it is my digital image receiving a nod from Talentbase. My heart skips with joy when I opened my email and notice this red box which will take you to the pictures that got a nod from Talentbase. Perhaps you will upload some images to their website, it is free after all and it simply a venue to display your digital photographs. I got a star on my profile


Lens for Rent

There is a place on the internet that has lens for rent for aspiring and professional photographers who don’t have the hard cold cash to purchase the latest and greatest photography equipment on the market today. You can rent it from an online rental company that will mail your equipment right to your door. I have not rent from them but after looking at their rates; I am very interested in checking them out. I will rent from them in the future to testdrive camera and lens equipment before making a major purchase. They have an extensive lineup on lens and camera equipment. The site has reasonable rates and quality camera equipment that grabbed my attention. I found this site accidently while surfing Google . They have all kinds of lens to buy and rent for that next photography project. In addition to lens for rent they stock cameras and equipment too! There is a difference between Lens for Rental and Penn Camera

Lens for Rental will mail your equipment to you. Penn Camera has only 2 rental locations in the DC market and you have to pick up your rentals.



[singlepic=20,320,240,,]Most Photographers starting a business have a hard time borrowing from traditional banks and may not be eligible for conventional loans to finance their photography venture. Perhaps your opening a new studio or upgrading your equipment. Well, there is help out there to jump start your business. P2P borrowing is the solution for financing your next photography project. The process with financing and borrowing money from P2P groups is a simpler process and it may help get you to the next level in your photography career.: is the website that allows borrowers and lenders to get together at a person-to-person level. In other words, folks who wish to borrow or lend money utilize Prosper in an eBay-auction-like manner: Potential borrowers sign up with Prosper, undergo a slew of identity-verification checks, and then create listings wherein they detail (among other things) how much money they’d like to borrow, what interest rate they’re willing to pay, and for what purposes they need the cash.
I did some research and found additional online P2P lenders:

Richard Branson’s investment firm acquired a majority ownership stake in CircleLending. Branson is the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group. CircleLending has been rebranded Virgin Money USA ( Having already gathered three web awards since 2006, Zopa works by giving credit scores to borrowers for lenders information. The Lenders make offers with a certain amount and time period oriented towards on credit score (A+ to C). The Borrowers can then choose from the various offers they have towards their credit score. Since no bank is involved, Zopa does all the mediating – paperwork, checking legal the identity of the users and cases of missed payments. Another concept introduced by Zopa was the split lending – one user who needed 1000 € can get it from 50 different users until that amount is gathered. Of course, Zopa receives money through transition fees from both parties.
Kiva – Kiva is the “benefactor” of the P2P Lending Sites, as it focuses on loans to low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. The Lenders can find what country, region, business and risks associated to their loan via the website and present a loan to the struggling business-man. Borrowers don’t apply for loans – they post their needs and the Lenders browse them, searching in their hearts for the best business opportunity while helping someone. Like Zopa, users can join together to raise the money needed – but while in Zopa it’s a Borrowers initiative, in Kiva it’s the Lender’s who contribute with what they can to each business. Field wise, each country has its own MFI (Micro Finance Institutions) who track the loans, their use and payments. Since it is a non-profit website, PayPal allowed Kiva to transfer the money without transaction fees – partially due to the fact that Kiva’s Presidente, Premal Shah, was Principal Product Manager at PayPal. This website has gained high visibility at Oprah’s, after which a lot of the struggling businesses found a happy ending to their financial needs;

The Lending Club – What differentiates this site is the lender-user match up service it consists upon and the use of the Facebook application platform to connect lenders and borrowers. It’s a use of the Social Graph and connection trust as security for the users. The Lending Club has high credit standards – they turn away borrowers who are too risky and do a rigorous checking before any transition, claiming to be the safest P2P Lending Site available. They focus on one-time event loans and credit card debt consolidation loans; – At MicroPlace, you can make investments that reach millions of hard-working poor people worldwide.

Canon 5D Mark II

[singlepic=22,320,240,,]It took Canon three years to produce the Canon 5D Mark II; this baby is HOT. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a must have for proconsumers and myself. It is time for me to upgrade to this beauty which offers a 21.1 mega-pixel censor which is awesome for those who like to shoot large raw files. It comes with HD video capability which I would only use occassionally but that is not what grabs my attention and have my mouth salivating. Canon has beefed up the mega-pixels on their middle range camera which leaves me wondering what surprise do they have in store for the high end camera. Canon has improved the camera’s weather resistance and battery life. The price tag isn’t bad either, $2699.00 and with 24-105 lens $3,499 I am literally drooing over the entire new lineup of Canon cameras. Canon will be shipping the Canon EOS Mark II in November. I got to get one of these for Christmas in my stocking. I am a die hard Canon fan for life!

This is a Remarkable Blog

I was surfing the web last night looking for information about plugins for WordPress when I stumbled upon Remarkable Blog which gives you the 411 on how to insert a post within WordPress. I learned about features that I had no ideal how to use or exist within WordPress. You’ll learn tricks such as adding digital images which I found to be extremely difficult to use prior to using the Remarkable Blog WordPress tutorial. I had just about given up on using the image inserter on WordPress blog and I had started to upload my digital images to Photobucket You’ll learned about the Kitchen sink, adding tags, using your SEO pack, hyperlinks and the list goes on. Check out this WordPress tutorial for beginners. I am glad that I found the WordPress tutorial while surfing google search The WordPress tutorial for beginner will teach you about a lot of the features you can you within your WordPress blog. This is one of the best WordPress tutorials that I have discovered on the internet.:
• How to edit the post “slug”
• How to insert hyperlinks
• How to upload and insert pictures
• How to resize your pictures
• How to reveal the “kitchen sink” toolbar
• How to create subheadings in your posts
• How to paste in text from Word so that it looks nice
• How to split your posts so they’re continued after a link
• How to select categories for your post
• How to enter tags
• How to set the post publish date into the future
• How to enter information into the All-in-One SEO Pack area for better post search optimization
Source: Remarkable Blog

Leto Diamond

Check out this huge diamond which would take care of me for the rest of my natural born life. Boy oh boy; I would have been jumping up and down for joy over this huge precious stone. Look at the size of this diamond! WOW! Kudos to Mami an online magazine for bringing the news that is best in its class.


Source: Mami Magazine

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

The month of October is fast approaching and it is “Infant Loss Awareness Month”. I encourage you all to donate to a worthy cause to an organization named “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”. They are always looking for volunteer photographers nationwide. I learned about this organization while attending an Ed Pierce seminar called “Captivate the light” who was on tour to 68 cities. The message below is from their website.:

With the Month of October being recognized as “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month”, The Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation holds its Annual Fund Drive for six weeks starting in mid-September and ending in October. It is our hope that those in a place to make even a small contribution to NILMDTS will consider doing so allowing the organization to provide adequate resources, training, communication and tools necessary in support our amazing contingent of professional photographers who provide the gift of free remembrance portraiture to families in need.

NILMDTSBanner Photog Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

ScribeFire For Your Blog

I just added ScribeFire from within Mozilla Firefox to my WordPress blog which will allow me to remotely add content from my computer without logging into my WordPress account. You can post content to your WordPress blog without leaving the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is easy to setup to use with my WordPress blog. Just download the add-on from within Mozilla Firefox after you have make sure your up to date with the current version of Mozilla Firefox. Your blog can become monetized based on ScribeFire website at by adding Quick ads to your blog. I am very impress with the functionality of this editor, it is user friendly and it will allow you to do basically everything that you can do within your WordPress blog interface. According to ScribeFire it will not interfere with your Google Adsense ads either. You can insert images, youtube videos, images and whatever else comes to mind. It will ping and update Technorati. Not bad at all. There are a few things I am learning but in the meantime I am overjoyed with finding this handy tool for my blogging experience. It compliments WordPress nicely but you may still want to check to make sure things are being updated within your WordPress blog periodically and to manage your plug-ins.

Rangefinder Magazine

I went to my mailbox today and my free September issue of Rangefinder magazine was in the mail. Yay for me! “The Land of Light” issue is my date tonight. My husband and son are at a local football game and boy am I glad. My son aspires to be a Pro football player and my husband is his biggest cheerleader. Me on the hand have to see the ink signed on the dotted line with promises of at least a scholarship or perhaps sponsorship in the summer for football camp while he is on summer break. Don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed that my teenager boy can play football but I believe academics and whoever tells him he is good; show me the money honey! My thing is to remain humble and keep your head in the books. Enough of my rambling back to my Rangefinder magazine moment that I will be enjoying tonight page by page. I plan on sitting in my jacuzzi and reading my Rangefinder magazine while I sip on a glass of Freixenet Brut Cava sparkly. Oh, life is good and I have no complaints outside of my work related injury. I’ll reach out to you all on Monday. I hope I get out of the tub! Get your free subscription at you will be glad you did. Every inspiring photographer should have a subscription to Rangefinder. Enjoy! Don’t say I never gave you anything…enjoy your weekend!

RANGEFINDER Rangefinder Magazine

pixel Rangefinder Magazine
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