Black History Month celebrating “The Day of Change”

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Be sure to check out this very cool video.: It was a day when one man defied the past with a promise to shape the future; the day Barack Obama became the nation’s first African American president. Now, in the moving 20-minute original 11.4.2008: The Day of Change, African American celebrities take us through their own poignant journeys on election day. From fears and doubts, to jubilation and sighs of relief, you’ll be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. Notable celebrities sharing their stories include Taye Diggs, Hill Harper, Regina King, Meagan Good, Columbus Short, Robert Townsend, Shemar Moore, Lauren London and more. This powerful short film premieres on January 19th at 8pm et/pt on Starz In Black, and plays throughout February for Black History Month. Don’t miss a special tribute to a very special day, when one word changed the course of a nation HOPE.

American Idol Cry Baby

What is it with dudes crying at the drop of a bucket these days. This is too funny! Check out their faces…I couldn’t contain my laughter either. Simon was being nice about it too! Dude was wiping tears away before he started singing.

‘Trojan Horses’ Target Apple Computers

Beware of downloading anything from torrent websites on the Internet for MACs. You might end up with a trojan horse virus that could become your worst nightmare. That’s not the one in the square packaging either.

On the Internet:

Some illegal Apple downloads found to contain Trojans

CEA SmartBrief | 01/28/2009

Illegal versions of Apple’s iWork 09 productivity software and Adobe’s Photoshop CS4 For Mac apparently contained “Trojan Horse” viruses that allow a remote user to take over the affected computers. The iWork Trojan, which about 20,000 people unwittingly downloaded off the Internet, was discovered last Wednesday, and the Photoshop bug, downloaded by about 5,000, was found Sunday. Wall Street Journal, The (subscription required) (01/27)

Read: Pirated iWork ’09 installer may contain trojan horse (

Read: Trojan Found in Pirated Copies of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac

As well, if you’ve been hit by this piece of malware, a removal tool is available here. (Please note: I have not tested it.)

What really happened on the Hudson?


What really happened on the Hudson River? We can praise man but at the end of the day it is “God” who we should be praising!

“God” really does have all the power in his hands.

Katt Williams is a “Pimp”


I still like Katt Williams despite that phony beef he started with Steve Harvey. They are simply in their own comedian class. I had the chance to watch Katt WilliamsIt’s PimpinPimpinChronicles. a couple of days ago. I laughed the entire time too! Dude is really funny but not to the point when it degrades another fellow comedian. Hopefully by now the two celebrities have made amends and moved on with their comedy careers. I love them both for my laughs. For those who may not have cable or the money to rent the DVD. Check it out online for a moment to laugh your troubles away. They say laughter is good for the soul!

Watch Katt Williams – The Pimp Chronicles

Listen to clips of Katt Williams “It’s Pimpin Pimpin”

Blackberry Freebies


  • You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your BlackBerry.

  • Seven Free Must-Have BlackBerry Storm Apps

  • RIM Execs on the Best BlackBerry Apps: Eight Downloads

  • Five Free BlackBerry Must-Have Downloads

  • BlackBerry Bible

It’s official: White House says Obama to keep his BlackBerry. He’ll be able to communicate with ‘a small group’ of friends. I love my Blackberry!


Denfensio for Spam Comments


There is a competitor to gain market-share against well known Askimet named Defensio, which has been acquired by Websense.  Akismet is backed by Automattic, makers of the widely used WordPress content publishing platform.

Both anti-spam systems allow free non-commercial and varying prices for commercial users. Akismet the advantage of being part of the WordPress distribution package which is now used by millions of sites. The latest version of WordPress, 2.7 Coltrane released in December 2008, has already been downloaded well over 1,520,000 times as of January 2009 – all of which makes for a readily available user base.

Free Software Applications for Download

I was downloading and installing a software program called VSO tonight. The website popped up a page called AVS4You and Software partners. There are all kinds of free software for download at these two websites. These are legal software downloads and they are not sponsored by torrent websites. I know some folks are not down with torrents websites. In today’s economy we all could use free software which may provide the necessary tools to forge ahead despite losing your job in this weak economy. Now is a good time to tap within yourself and pull out those talents that have been lying dormant. There is a phrase that rings in my head that Bishop T.D. Jakes has said in his sermons a long time ago and it stuck with me. He said that “your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men”, (Prov 18:16). I take that as whatever your willing to do for free without being paid for is more than likely that is your road to prosperity. This software may help you with polishing a resume or starting a business venture. A lot of times all you need is a computer, phone, fax, space and an ideal to begin. I worked in Sales for many years and that was the typical setup per representative in most organizations. Basically my job was to increase revenue for the company. I am at a crossroad in my life where I need to generate revenue for myself. These are some of the tools that might just get you and me there.

First Lady Michelle Waxed


First Lady Michelle Obama will be the third third First Lady to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds. You gotta love it! This is the most positive attention any African American women has ever received except for the first African American billionaire, “Oprah”. I see more covers of First Lady Obama on every magazine that want to be part of history on newsstands and grocery store racks at the cash register. It makes me wonder how many magazines will become more diverse in their selection of minority models on the runway and editorials. When I say diverse, that would mean more Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, Hispanic, and African American women, etc. That would mean minority women would be gracing the covers of high fashion magazine, boardrooms, commercials, advertisements, Corporate America and in positions that are typically reserved for white American women. We do live in a global society but it has not always been reflected within the United States.

Found on the Internet:

The first lady is already getting her first statue: Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C., will unveil a wax figure of Michelle Obama in March.

In this photo (released Wednesday), Madame Tussauds senior sculptor Colin Jackson touches up the clay mold of her figure’s head. When complete, Michelle’s figure will join her husband Barack Obama’s wax figure, which was unveiled in February 2008, in a replica of the Oval Office.

Obama is the third first lady to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds Washington D.C., joining Jacqueline Kennedy and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
– Mark Dagostino

Flickr Photo of the Day “South Park Martin”

3205600972 cd696a9833 Flickr Photo of the Day South Park Martin

South Park Martin, originally uploaded by midsize le pépère.

We all feel this way sometime!

pixel Flickr Photo of the Day South Park Martin
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