Blog Spotlight “Fake Chuck Westfall”

Not everyone loves Canon as much as I do and that has gotten Canon bigwigs lawyer’s panties in a bunch. The “Fake Chuck Westfall” has really pissed Canon off and they have attempted to strong arm WordPress to get the WordPress blog taken down off of the Internet. Imagine that, here is a guy who gives his honest to goodness opinion about Canon products which I like by the way, I said that already. I wonder will I have a change of heart after reading the “Fake Chuck Westfall” WordPress blog. Now this is a WordPress blog beef that I will pull up a chair with my popcorn and Ciroc. I will start perusing the “Fake Chuck Westfall” to watch how this beef plays out. This is going to be interesting to read about in the next coming weeks. Most bloggers have very small budgets compared to Canon’s deep pockets. Who knew that the big boys could shake and stir up some noise over a fake blog about their products. Perhaps some of the information is true about Canon products that consumers like me need to know. icon smile Blog Spotlight Fake Chuck Westfall

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Fake Chuck Westfall

Read Thomas Hawks Digital Connection for the skinny about this beef.

Twitterfeed your Blog

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I signed up for Twitter several months ago but I let it just sit there idled unattended until 2 weeks ago. My name was there along with my picture as my avatar until my brother in law sent me an twitter invite. All of sudden I am twittering and following folks around the globe. Not bad for a newbie I thought. Twitter comes up in conversations, it rolls off of the news broadcaster tongues and I notice the widget on the sidebars of some of my favorite blogs. It seems that everyone is twittering these days. It offers tons of information and social networking to individuals, businesses and students. I am fascinated by twitter, it is amazing who is on their social networking website. It is definitely the place to be for social networking, learning and meeting like minded people. The registration process for Twitterfeed is extremely easy and it links your WordPress 2.7 Coltrane blog.


Jennifer Hudson “If Isn’t This Love”

“If Isn’t This Love” is a beautiful love ballad by the songstress Academy award and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson. The video premiere, to Grammy-Winning R&B songstress, Jennifer Hudson. The single “If This Isn’t Love” is the follow-up single to Jennifer’s number 1 smash “Spotlight”. This is a great song to put on and dance to after you have had dinner with your love one this Valentine’s Day or dance by yourself. Love yourself just as much if not more than someone else. If this young lady can get up and keep it moving after her unfortunate lost of her family members, than so can you!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a doggy dog world out there. No fighting among one another this Saturday. Enjoy each others company and enjoy the weekend! Be kind to one another and remember to thank God for one another.

What is love based on the biblical scripture:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

When Love Goes Terribly Wrong.

By now every news source and blog has given their two cents about the Rihanna and Chris Brown fall out. Talk about a viral effect, my goodness, to bad this is a negative event. Just think if this energy went into something positive about relationships between young couples. We wouldn’t be reading about it. Chris Brown has allegedly flown to Vegas and Rihanna went running home to momma as a young woman of her age should; go home to momma. Everyone has taken sides and thus far Rihanna has garnered the most sympathy. Personally, it is a bunch of bullshit. No one was there but Rihanna and Chris. Unless you’re an insider or received a call from either one, the shit were reading is a bunch of horse manure. I am not saying Chris Brown was justified in hitting her but let’s think about this hypothetically for a moment. These are two young adults in comparison to my age and there are folks who have become obsessed with their celebrity. If there were some issues that needed to be addressed, there were plenty of adults around these young folks to advise them of their toxic behavior. Don’t you just love it when shit hits the fan; everyone has a story to sell. Chris Brown is a 19 year old young man and Rihanna is woman not yet 21 years old. They find themselves thrust into the limelight and making a whole lot of money. They are making more than they have ever seen in their entire lives on this earth. The world becomes their playground; they have sex freely and spend lavishly on one another. There is bound to be trouble.  There are conflicting reports about these two, they argue excessively and cuss one another out according to the news sources, you know those other blogs that claim to have the inside scoop. You know all up in each other face behind the scenes. All of sudden, out of the clear blue sky a “Ike and Tina” turner scenario happens on a side street that may cost Chris Brown his career and leave Rihanna looking like the victim. I don’t trust nor do I believe the police reports. This story is a case of when love goes terribly wrong between two very young people who obviously caught some real emotional feelings toward one another. Jealousy, lust, money and tons of sex will make any couple act out from time to time. I have two sons and if they came home and this type of incident went down. Yes; they should protect and defend themselves from any harm.  I was always told that a woman should not get in a man’s face; don’t slap him if you don’t want to get slapped back. Our society has this misconception that men are not allow to protect themselves?  There are men in this society who are physically and emotionally abused everyday and every second.  On a side note; it is premature on advertisers and companies he has contracts with to presume that this young man is guilty before he is proven innocent. All the facts have not been release publicly about this alleged aggravated assault and domestic violence incident from Rihanna and Chris Brown.  For all we know these two may get married and live happily ever after.

What if she was punching him in the face while he was driving? They both could have been killed.

What if she did snatch the keys out of the ignition? Now what is that about…?

What if she was biting him like a caged animal while he was driving?

What if he was defending himself against her violent attacks while he was driving?

What if they were both doing drugs?

What about the bite marks on his hands?

If she was badly beaten why hasn’t she come out publicly like Evangelist Juanita Bynum, remember when she was beaten by her husband, sister came forward and put him on blast.

What about the alleged cold sore that looked like a herpes lesion on her lip several week ago on urban blogs? Nowadays people get worked up over a cold from a love one; now imagine knowing first hand that someone has transferred a STD or contagious disease to you? Ballistic comes to my mind!

I ain’t saying it is right for him to hit her. I am just saying let’s keep this story real for real human beings in relationships. Just think, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe he buy her some jewels, flowers, chocolate; than they will be kissing and hugging again on everyone’s blog and the news source would be reporting! Look at that young cute couple in love again! Gag me with a spoon already, shit happens when love goes terribly wrong, just ask anyone who has been married for a long period of time. Let this be an example how quickly your butt can get thrown under the bus.

Disclaimer: To some of my readers, I know my opinion may not be to some of your liking. There are two side two a coin just like there are two sides two a story. It takes two to tango. Never believe half of everything you read or hear. I am a firm believer that there has to be proof, the evidence is not clear in this alleged case of domestic abuse and aggravated assault. The facts of this story don’t add up. Right now this story is hotter than our Stimulus Plan that got approved by the Senate. We really need to move on from it and get focus on what’s going down with our economy and our pocketbooks.

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Good For Each Other?

Reminder about DTV Conversion

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The change from Analog television transmission to digital broadcast has been delayed until June.
DTV Transition Date Extended to June 12, 2009.
Thank goodness because not everyone has the money to spend for the conversion. If you have an older analog TV and have been using old fashion rabbit ears, you have to break down and purchase a new digital television set. All the new televisions have a digital tuner or a converter box to convert the new digital signals to analog. All households are eligible for up to two coupons worth $40 each to be used toward the purchase of up to two digital to analog converter boxes. You can find details at 1-888-225-5322 or Coupon Program

Requests will be taken from January 1, 2008, through March 31, 2009.

You may want to request DTV converter box coupons as early as you can, because the program might not have sufficient funds to meet the demand.

Cable, satellite or other pay-TV subscribers, especially, should not delay, because their eligibility will lapse if the initial funding becomes depleted. (If you subscribe to a pay-TV service, you probably will not need a DTV converter box unless you also own an analog TV that is not connected to the service.)

Be patient when contacting the above telephone, their system is probably crashing from the rush to beat the coupon deadline. Some of us wait until the last minute to complete task.

T.I’s Road To Redemption Ep. 101

Airs tonight on MTV at 9:00 PM: T.I. prepared to go to prison to serve his 1 year sentence by having cameras from MTV follows him every step of the way. As an effort to set teens on the right course, TIPs new reality show “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go before he is headed to serve his time. Found this video at Drew Reports. TI has a swagger that is all of his own.

Test Driving the Next Generation

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I had upgraded my Next Generation image manager late last night between glimpse of watching the BET Honors award show. I only caught the last 30 minutes of the show. My hubby and I celebrated his birthday dining out. Anyhow, viewing the digital images with the PicLens feature really makes the images pop. I must say that it is a very cool tool to view images too. I almost did not upgrade because there were to many negative comments about the Next Generation upgrade not working properly on others websites out there in cyberspace. It probably because a lot of folks are still using an outdated platform.I guess they haven’t taken the plunge to update to the latest WordPress 2.7 Coltrane release.

Download Cooliris to use on your website for an enjoyable browsing experience. I love it! The product speaks for itself.

Click the picture list to get to the PicLens feature. Cool stuff! The developer did an excellent job with the Next Generation plugin. There are few issues to report: The website will not display properly on any of the web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Explorer and Safari)  once you click on the picture list. Not sure why that is… changed the images size and that did not fix it. It cuts the right side of the page and pulls it to the bottom of the website. That is a major glitch. Not sure if it is the template or the Next Generation plugin.

Whitney Houston’s Back in the game.

Whitney Houston is back in the game and having a great time too! I read the naysayer ish and all I can say to that is put a cork in it. There always going to be something negative you can say about a person when their entire life has been put on the cuttiing board for folks to dissect and judge. Let’s all talk about the new “Whitney” that we have not seen perform in years due to her personal stuff that prevent her from looking and singing her best. Hell yeah it is a tough thing to get infront of your peers and sing your heart out like nothing ever happend during your career. For Whiteney to perform in honor of Clive Davis and her peers after all that negative publicity with her x-husband exposed nationwide and any other media that tried to show her at her worst. Girl was fighting some demons way back when and she had to get that monkey off of her back….the main one would be “Bobby” and his entire family, his baby mama drama and crack being the reason for the odd behaviour. Whitney is on her grind to claim her rightful throne. I love it when a demon can’t keep your back up against the wall for too long. I grew up on Whitney………all I can say is that Whitney’s god given voice is the business! Clapping and cheesing hard….”Whitney’s Back”! She can only get better with time. She needs to build her confidence back up to really perform in front of the same folks that called her everything but fabulous Whitney Houston with the angelica voice. I will keep her in positive thought and prayers. Whitney still has it and it will take another year before we truly see the star belting out old and new Whitney Houston hits. Get it girl! She is every women and can get it done naturally! On another note; she has this chance to prove to the youngins that she is the original “DIVA” and no one could have done it better. It would be kind cool to watch Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Hamilton, Usher, Neyo, TI, Lil Wayne, Jamie Fox, Steve Wonder, Glady Knight, Cher, Madonna, Jonas Boys and Robin Thick and all the hip hop and a whole slew of Rock, Country and RB singers perform a song that would generate proceeds to help victims of major disasters and assist families during this economic disaster. Now that would be hell of a comeback!

Upgrading to Next Generation Plugin

Finally! I did it. For a minute there I was a bit  hesitate to update anything with the updated Next Generation plug in because of their lack of stellar comment’s from other users and the constant complaints did not help either. I took the plunge and went on ahead and upgrade the Next Generation plug-in. I need to find out what this cool plug-in is capable of for my WordPress 2.7 Coltrane blog. It is one of my favorite applications to use with the Word-press 2.7 Coltrane blog…

A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the Web 2.0. Next Generation is an excellent photo gallery manager and throw in music clip and video and you have a full package. Despite dude moving to his new abode, he continue to communicate with us users about the status of the Next Generation plug-in. I love this plug-in. During all of the new updates create by Word-press 2.7 Coltrane a lot of blogs was left holding useless application which no longer perform the same functions because they were not updated to function with Word-press 2.7 Coltrane. Thus far I have to give this  a go and send all of the issues i encounter to the developer, Alex Rabe. Dude it is still a top shop application for digital images. I still need to learn the in and out of the application. Thanks for the cool tool! Overall this is an handy tool capable of handling video and digital imaging. and more…..perhaps I will start hosting my digital imaging on my site inclusive of flickr. The capabilities to be very creative is permitted with this Next Generation Application.

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Kudos for Image and detailed Canon ESO Mark 5D Review: Ken Rockwell

pixel Upgrading to Next Generation Plugin
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