Air Force Soldier on Deck

wings Air Force Soldier on Deck

Spread dem wings boy. One of my nephews told his momma he gonna get his wings. WHOOT! WHOOT! Gone boy fly the friendly skies….I see you youngin’…#Military kid on deck.

Nephew said he wanted to fly the friendly skies, he wanted to see the world n he just want to see something outside of his community. Ain’t mad at the boy. Military family……embrace this child. Boy bout to be on deck. Momma was amazed….child made the decision all on his own.

Stand tall! I come from a blood line of military family member and friends. Thank you family n beloved friends that have n is serving our country. WHOOT!

99 Percent of Us Do Not Know We Are Working Class

99 99 Percent of Us Do Not Know We Are Working Class

Here to tell ya….#99 percent of us are working class folks. Umm…live a lie or live the truth. We are the #99 percent.

99 percent of the working class population do not know they are working class people. Whassup with that? Could that be why 47% of the population is voting against their own best interest?

Wild As The Wind

nina simone Wild As The WindI will never forget when I met my Jewish mother. NOPE….real n all her true self. I am learning. I love her.

album Wild As The Wind

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It’s Not Over the Top Marriage Proposal

Nah mane….it’s all bout love in these two high profile n living their life on a world’s platform under a microscope. Do it big or go the hell home. Some women you must go ham or stay the hell home. Matter of fact don’t open the door.

The internet is buzzing about Kanye proposing to Kim Kardashian…..ummm what did folks expect West to do? Run n hide in a corner? Not marry the young lady? Who are those haters again? Some guys will not marry their baby momma even if they could afford it….much less a woman they’ve been bedding down for years. I can spew horror stories of tricks that tried to trick a man into a commitment but I won’t go there. Yeah….girl get pregnant only for dude to find out it is not his baby. That trick….dat gurl who got the nerve to look down on this love story. Boo bye….NEXT!



I love laughing with Steve Harvey and the morning crew. I heard Harvey mention this YouTube clip this morning on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”. Justsaying want a good laugh. Watch the clip…shrugs shoulders. It was funny to me.

Harvey Nation baaaaaby.

The Best Michael Jackson Tribute


Ohio State Marching band performs during half time. The best Michael Jackson tribute ever performed by a college marching band. The King of Pop is smiling down from heaven. Excellent choreography and a great tribute by the Buckeyes band.

Thanks for the Mad Love WordPress Subscribers

subscribers wordpress Thanks for the Mad Love WordPress Subscribers

I’ve been reading through my Microsoft Outlook email all morning and afternoon. Out of 30K to 1 email. I notice every other email a WordPress subscriber.

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In Case You Missed It | ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’

I did not get a chance to watch the “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story last night when it premiered on VH1 on Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 CTVH1. I did not get a chance. I was too busy snapping string beans and canning Cherry Apples in my kitchen.

Definitively a must watch. I remember the young ladies going through drama, trauma, illness, financial ruined despite selling 10 million record, death of a TLC member and heartaches.

Listen to TLC’s “Meant To Be,”

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Phishing Scam: “Your Amazon order has been shipped”

scam2 Phishing Scam: “Your Amazon order has been shipped”

I am behind with checking my email this month. I finally got around to reading my Microsoft Outlook mail. Screech…stop the traffic. Pause.

This is a important intranet alert phishing scam “Your Amazon order has been shipped by my Engineer buddies n peeps. I don’t know about you? Most folks do remember the orders they placed on Amazon. At least I do…. However there are folks that will clink the link anyway. Beware there are folks phishing Amazon.

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Mr. Cloud Has Passed Away

cloud Mr. Cloud Has Passed AwayMr. Cloud had to be put down yesterday at Crossroads. Cat had a blood clot in his leg. Mister and I had to make a split decision quickly… was suffocating. That is it. I am mortified right now…..TTYL! Mr. Cloud had 8500 peeps that channeled into the deets I posted on several social media platforms. Cat died with dignity….I AM STUNNED  RIGHT NOW.

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pixel Mr. Cloud Has Passed Away
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