White Folks Are Next to be Blood Sucked Dry

a White Folks Are Next to be Blood Sucked Dry

White Folks Are About to be Sucked Dry


White Folks Are About to be Sucked Dry by the GOP. Blacks don’t have any blood left to suck dry. I posted this image to Facebook and Twitter but I realize not all of the readers that visit this blog signed up on the social media platforms.

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40 Reasons to “THANK YOU” Mr. President for…..

pres1 795x530 40 Reasons to THANK YOU Mr. President for.....

the "room-lighting" smile:

Today is the first day of Black History Month. I am proud to be alive to witness the first African American president during my lifetime. Slaves, Whites that oppose segregation and  my ancestors would be shocked there is a black man in the White House. I would like to thank you Mr. President for simply being………………..“MR. PRESIDENT”! There are 40 reasons based on the 40 images.  Although I do not agree on everything that has been implemented during your term. I am thankful of the progress made thus far during the dire straits the American folks had to face during the current White House administration term. Who would have ever thought we would be going backwards in the 21st century?

Despite the fact I want to give the middle finger to ALL of the folks who did not say diddly squat prior to your term in office. The middle finger to ALL those folks in denial about how our country is facing economic turmoil. The middle finger to ALL those folks for not being honest with themselves that they really have an issue that a “BLACK MAN” is their public servant and holds the highest seat in the land. To ALL those folks that wanted a black face in the White House as a puppet and did not get one.  My middle finger is pointed at YOU with smelly dung on the finger. That is putting it lightly simply because I don’t want to disrespect our first African American 41st President in case his peeps read this blog post. I may have 99 problems but 1 problem “I do not have” is respecting the first African American President of the United States of America.

Thank you Mr. President for simply doing the best job that you could with the limited resources, assistance from Congress and constituents the American people voted into office.


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Why Can’t Folks Stay Married Longer than 72 Hours?

4667576822 1ecc4e2177 Why Cant Folks Stay Married Longer than 72 Hours?

Wedding Ceremony James and Kristin © Delores Randall

People fall in love, claim their love in front of their family and friends, have an ridiculous wedding filled with all the stuff that makes everyone jealous, especially if they spent over $25K on the wedding and fed all their broke relatives and long lost friends. Celebrities are the worst with this type of display of affection to their spouse. They flaunt their love in front of the world, look at how much money we are wasting on our wedding that may only last for 72 hours. Then we all watch with misty eyes as they proclaim their love, spend enormous amounts of money that no one can fathom spending on a wedding, pretend and prance around until the wedding we are more in love flack and until the photographer snaps their potentially fabulous sham wedding in front of everyone and the last glass of champagne is consumed by folks that they found buried in the back of the closet. Most folks don’t speak with more than 10 folks in a year but yet invite 50-500 people to their wedding. Jeez…who are these people is what the person that has to pay for the wedding party is asking? I never met that person….you think?  Then before you know it, so and so is getting an divorce for irreconcilable differences.

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thephotographer4you® Is An Pinhead on Pinterest

pinterest 799x411 thephotographer4you® Is An Pinhead on Pinterest

Delores Randall the Owner of thephotographer4you® is a Pinhead

Delores Randall is officially an Pinhead. My heart literally swoons with shutterbug and blogger’s glee from the creation of Pinterest. I can feel the oozing of delight in my veins. Dang…why didn’t thephotographer4you® think of that? Pinterest…dude stole my ideal. I kid I kid…ole’ girl got to laugh and keep it fun But on the real. Pinterest is the doggone truth!

Back to the drawing board for the next best thing in cyberspace but in the mean time> I will waste my time sharing what brews in this salt and pepper head of mine. It doesn’t get any better than Pinterest…let the world see how you think, what your dreaming about, where you eat out through image sharing and make the world take notice that you’re a blogger blogging too!

What I love is folks get to review images from folks from a diverse background share their inner most thoughts through images. What you really like, think, inspire to become, dream, advocate, protest, what you read, taste, eat, politics, home and all that gibberish that makes folks stereotype and place you in a box nonsense through pins and boards. In your face Pinheads…..@drandall is a cool Pinhead middle age chick!

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State of the Union Address 4,693,637 Impression Strong

Last night #SOTU was trending at the speed of light. Twiends were tweeting their opinions and cheering from Twitter land. Haters were tight lip and attempting to distract with their naysayer tweets. But no one was listening to those twiends haters, trolls were on the twick out and waiting to start a twight with anyone that took the bait. The #ecoSOTU hashtag was used in 1,083 tweets, consisting of 428 original tweets, 625 retweets and 30 @mentions. All this tweeting and retweeting reached an impressive total audience of 1,071,937 followers and generated an impressive 4,693,637 impressions. The best line of the night: The State of the Union is Strong! In another words “The State of Union will always be strong. screw what you heard and what the naysayers are whispering at the water cooler.” WOOT! And if that was not enough to get the GOP lips clenched tighter than their anus, than this line totally nailed it! “America is back! Matter of fact..America is one cool under pressure nation. Don’t get it twisted GOP!

136445063680279286 4LqTpnJr c State of the Union Address 4,693,637 Impression Strong

Happening Around Town | Gotta Register to VOTE

gotta register 799x148 Happening Around Town | Gotta Register to VOTE

Gotta Register to Vote

The right to VOTE is currently under attack in this country. Why? Because the GOP is doing every thing in their power to implement new Voter suppression laws in a town near you. The powers to be would like for you and I to sit at home and stew in our misery. You gotta register to VOTE! If you want to be a voter, you’ve gotta register. Don’t be like Celebrities and other high-profile figures use their name to promote political campaigns and encourage people to get out and vote. According to New York magazine high profile designers and celebrities rally behind President Obama 2012.  Beyoncé, Diddy, Russell Simmons, designer Jason Wu, Rachel Roy, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, rag & bone, Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Tory Burch and Tracy Reese. But even with all the advertisements and endorsements, many of these vote promoters don’t make it to the polls, or get registered for that matter. Almost twice as many 18-year-olds are signed up to Facebook than are registered to vote, according to new research.

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Small Business Cheat Sheet for Social Media Presence

world Small Business Cheat Sheet for Social Media Presence

Hire An Social Media Manager for Your Business

Most type A folks just want the small talk and get to the point already. This Small Business Cheat sheet delivers information short and sweet. Small businesses and potentially anyone considering Entrepreneurship should have an social media presence. This cheat sheet was snatched from Pinterest under an infographic pin.

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Three Simple Rules In Life to Live By

158822324328752454 QjvbQ45n c Three Simple Rules In Life to Live By

Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time

social media Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time

Social Media

If you’re like most folks connected to a virtual world. The first thing you do in the morning is grab your telephone, iPad or log into your computer desktop. Before you retire you check your status updates. You may as well be in business for yourself. You’re on the social media grind as soon as you foot hit the ground running in the morning. YUP! You send out a message or a tweet to your cyberpeeps and twiend that may sound strange to folks that could give a hoot about social media. This is a sign that your social media efforts are not in vain. Social media is not a waste of your time.

Family members and your real friends ARE NOT socially addicted to ANY social media handles may think you have lost your mind. In another words…they think you’re CRAZY! Perhaps you have lost your mind. You’re happy ass is addicted to social media. You might need to sign up for social media detox class?

According to the chart below folks spend damn near every waking hour on the Internet finding love, marriage, jobs and shopping on Amazon.

Do you think social media is a waste of time?

There are a number of reasons to be socially connected to the Internet.:

Parents SHOULD be monitoring their underage children’s virtual identity and presence from the asswipes lurking and preying behind their computer screens. There are more children preyed on in the virtual world that law enforcement can’t keep up. The data is staggering. Keep an virtual eye on your precious children parents!

Protest issues you don’t agree with your constituents, Congress and your President. Believe me..those folks are listening. They may not personally response to you. Spewing your opinionated rants among-st the bantering noise is a start to clog their ears, phone lines and email box.

Stay connected to family and friends around the globe. Gone are the days when you can knock on the door of an relative for a cup of sugar or a stick of butter. Get over it!

Save a lot of trees, paper and stamps mailing out shit folks throw away after the fact. Duh….

Start a blog like thephotographer4you® and spew your own bantering rants.

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pixel Why Social Media Websites Are Not A Waste of Time
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