Favorite Black Girl Rock Moment


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Digital Photo of the Day | Oprah’s Favorite Things

oprahjimmy zpsaa3da508 Digital Photo of the Day | Oprahs Favorite Things

Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Kimmel December 2013

It’s heeeeeeere. Oprah’s favorite things. See the full list here. I love the photo and the red dress O is wearing is fierce and Jimmy looking all cute as a elf. The cover features Oprah wearing Vera Wang, a dress that took 10 people to make, 100 hours of work and weighs 25 pounds!

What do you like on the favorite things list? Today I will be grateful for the simple things in life. I wouldn’t mind receiving any of the items on Oprah’s Favorite things.

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Get Tested for Asthma

asthma test Get Tested for Asthma

Two weeks ago I notice that my husband was breathing funny while he slept. I would nudge him awake. I would tell him, “your breathing” sound like wheezing to me. I told him he needed to go get a checkup from our internal medicine doctor. Of course dude ignored me for two weeks.

  • Idris Elba was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering an asthma attack the night before he was scheduled to appear at the premiere of his new movie, ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.’ Dude gave me that I am scared look….uh huh the look that you know when you know you better stop bullshitting with your health look. Idris Elba‘s appearance at the Sunday premiere of his Nelson Mandela biopic came close to being sidelined by a health scare.
  • Harold Dow Cause of Death: Adult-Onset Asthma Killed CBS Newsman, Family Says – HealthPop – CBS News
  • Reporter Anthony Shadid’s Death Highlights Asthma Dangers
  • Famous People Who Died of Asthma

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Let’s All Talk Shit in CyberSpace

so talk shit banner Lets All Talk Shit in CyberSpace

Kicks self in the leg for not taking advantage of my email offers from Social Spark. Dang been some really excellent $$$$$ offers in the pipeline. WOW… Delores Randall is impress n am I am taking a second look. Talk shit…..dang I almost forgot how good it felt to talk shit n not censor my bantering opinionated shit on my own blog.

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Hair Scarf v. Jihad

jihad Hair Scarf v. Jihad

I am serious cause I wrap my head in a head wrap that is called a Jihad in Muslim cultures. As a black woman we are known to wear hair scarf on our heads that mimic other cultures. No one wants to have that real conversation though.


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Call the Authorities Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas on Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid. This bish has lost her mind. This grown woman making threats on social media platforms against Chilli aka Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas bout sucking off her daddy back in the day. That shit is not funny nor cute. Ummmm….in case doll does not know.

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Corporate America Where Are The Black Women?

21st1 Corporate America Where Are The Black Women?

Me Asking WHY?

It was all jokes when cast members Kenan Thompson was dressing up as a “black woman“. When dude made a statement when he blamed Saturday Night Live’s lack of diversity on Black comediennes not being “ready” during auditions. Uh huh….you go Kenan. No black women are among the 16 repertory or featured players currently on the show. While Eddie Murphy, Garrett Morris, Chris Rock, Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan and current cast members Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah have been major “SNL” players, the 137 people who have been cast members since the show started on NBC in 1975 include four black women.

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Power Breakfast on the Go

When you live in rural America you can’t just simply run to McDonald’s every morning to grab breakfast. Besides I wonder sometimes why do folks that have kitchens if they spend money on breakfast at fast food joints?

Power Breakfast on the go consist of 2 fried eggs, turkey bacon, freckled lettuce and tomatoes from our garden served on toasted wheat bread.

My favorite turkey bacon nowadays is Naturally Hickory Wood Smoked Turkey Bacon cured dark meat, chopped and formed by John F. Martin & Sons in Lancaster County, PA.

Blogging Daily November’s NaBloPoMo 2013

Bloggers are against WiFi charges Blogging Daily Novembers NaBloPoMo 2013

Today is the last day to enroll in November NaBloPoMo on Blogher. For blogging inspiration, every week, Blogher be handing out an iPad Mini and two passes to the 2014 BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA. for a chance to win a mini iPad and 2 passes.

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month and the rules for participating are simple. You have to post every day in the month of November. You can post anything that your fingers can type and post as long as you do it every day.

You know some of us pseudo bloghers need all the inspiration to blog daily. It’s been a while since I’ve made a commitment to blog on my own blog daily. There are several reasons aka excuses for not blogging on thephotographer4you®.

  • I’ve been posting all of my deets on various social media platforms.
  • Facebook and Instagram replaced my own blogging platform. YIKES……
  • Nagging voice inside my head….thephotographer4you blog does not meet purported high standards to participate with the successful league of bantering Bloghers already established presence on the Internet. UMPH!
  • Content, content or putting too much thought into what type of content to post? Jeez….just post a blog already.
  • Forgetting why I started a blog in the first place?
  • Finding my mojo and my voice.
  • There you have it. My daily blog for today. Now I will go ponder about what to blog about later on today or tomorrow. I am committing to participate by blogging daily in November’s  NaBloPoMo 2013.
  • Now that I am coming out of blogging hibernation. I discovered there are no perfect bloggers.

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Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks

20131104 165159 Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks

According to Panache reports Naomi Campbell extended a invite to swim in a tank with sharks. Rich folks with major bank that have nothing better to do. If Campbell was smart, she would keep her ass out of the tank. Ain’t no telling who that doll pissed off over the years. I would hate to read on a blog website: Naomi Campbell eaten by sharks.

Justsaying……you never really know if the sharks are waiting for dinner. Uh huh…..you get my drift.

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pixel Naomi Campbell Extend Invite to Swim With Sharks
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