Wyclef Jean Personal Video about Charity Accusations

wyclef jean Wyclef Jean Personal Video about Charity AccusationsWyclef Jean posted a video statement to respond to accusations against his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been collecting Haiti relief donations following Tuesday’s massive earthquake.

A Washington Post article raised concerns about the Yele Foundation’s “fiscal scrutiny,” first reported by The Smoking Gun.

Apparently Yele Haiti Foundation’s tax returns raised questions about how money has been spent in the past on administration and various other expenses.

In his 5:30 response, Jean discusses the history of the organization and stresses that as a native of Haiti he has “always been committed to the people of Haiti.”

He states plainly, “I never would ever take money for my personal pocket when it comes to Yele. I myself have put $1 million inside of my own foundation.”

He added that he was “disgusted” by the recent criticism.

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It is interesting that the Yele organization is getting bashed and thrown under the bus about his use of charity funds during Haiti crisis. I am sure there are numerous non-profit organizations using funds for personal and business use. Most charities have an operating budget and they pull that money from somewhere? The focus should be on Haiti and the state of emergency this country needs right now.

I don’t care if you donate to Wyclef, Red Cross or doodo butt. Just donate and help your local organizations by donating your times and services. Now is not the time for dirty politics and mud slinging while the people in Haiti are in need of basic items that we sometimes take for granted.

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