WTF Moment | Natalee Holloway’s Mother Was Right

hqdefault WTF Moment | Natalee Holloway’s Mother Was RightMs. Holloway was correct in 2005 about this asswipe doing something shady with her daughter in Aruba but no one was listening. Instead they thought she was a crazy deranged mother who had nothing better to do but accused this upstanding young man; who happens to be the son of a prominent judge on the island. Remember when Van der Sloot and two friends were taken into custody and questioned for Holloway’s disappearance, but he was never charged. Fast forward: He was cocky and thought that he got away with murder that he went and kill another young soul. He gets the dumb ass award for the day! His cowardly ass took a page out of “I almost got away with it,” but the Chilean Police arrested van der Sloot in Santiago earlier Thursday, just one day after finding Stephany Flores ‘ body in his hotel room in Peru. Flores, the murdered woman in Peru, was found dead five years to the day that Holloway disappeared in Aruba while on a high school graduation trip.

Just imagine dude wanted $250K in exchange for the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway’s remains and the circumstances relating to her death. Arrogant asswipe!

May these two young souls rest in peace and I hope the family can recover from this horrific experience this asswipe took their family through unnecessarily.

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