Who Is That Man We Call The President?

This chick “Birther” is adamant out to prove that President Obama birth certificate is a fake, fraud and his mother would lie to make him an American citizen. The certificate is a fake because Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. The document is not on security paper, lacks the registrar and informant signatures, It purports to be a certified copy created in 1964 and who would have applied for copy in 1964 and how the original registration would have taken place on a Saturday. My best guess is that this an authentic document that has been altered. This topic is picking up steam and it should be discuss to get it over with already. Do we believe her and why is this still an issue? The president has been in the White House for six months and gets slam for every little move he makes…..does race play a part in this behavior from people who are willing to go to any lengths to discredit the biracial man? Is this an out all way to distract him from focusing on the Health Care reform that some claim he is moving to fast to get passed? Lets keep it real for a moment…..Hillary Clinton spoke about health care in this country for years and everyone looked at her like she lost her everlasting mind. Now here comes President Obama trying to keep the United States from sinking any lower in this country and all the man hears from his haters is he a fake and your not American. Man it must be nice to have free time on your hands to attack every thing you don’t agree about…..and you know when Anne Coulter calls you crazy it must be the truth, huh!

President Obama should get a law pass that would prosecute anyone who orders your birth certificate without your permission a crime. Identity thief is a serious issue in this country and our president is not immune from it because he is the president.

MSNBC Screaming Interview With David Shuster, Tamron Hall & “Birther” Orly Taitz Over Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate – 08/03/09

Videos about President Obama birth right to be an American citizen.

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