WATCH | President Obama on “The View.”

hqdefault WATCH | President Obama on The View.

President Obama showed up on the “View” today…he discussed the administration’s accomplishments, jobs, the economy, the Gulf oil spill and family life inside the White House. The president used the metaphor of roses and thorns to describe the ups and downs of his presidency, saying the last 20 months have been a nonstop effort for the economy and listing the BP oil spill and two wars as “thorns.” Not everyone is feeling the president appearance on daytime talk as an good move…He was blasted on Morning Joe, in the New York Daily News, and even by former View co-host Rosie O’Donnell. Issue: They echoed that a sitting president with so much on his hands should not be doing daytime.

Rosie O’ Donnell disapproves of the President appearance on the “View.”

On the Rose and the Thorn:
Walters asked President Obama to describe the “rose and the thorn” of this past month. Obama said his “rose” was an outdoorsy vacation with his daughters, who are at an age where they “still like him.” As for the thorn?

“The country’s been through a tough stretch since I took office,” he said. “The truth is it’s not tough for me… you think of what the American people go through… those are the folks I draw inspiration from… I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about me, I spend a lot of time worrying about them.”

On the Economy:
“We are in a state of chronic joblessness, yet you are claiming you have saved jobs,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck said.” How can you claim you are saving jobs when we are losing jobs?”

“We are now bouncing back, but we are not bouncing back as quickly as we need to,” Obama said, adding that we’ve gained some private sector jobs. He explained that he remains optimistic about America’s recovery. “We still have the best workers in the world, the best technology in the world, the best universities in the world.”

On the Wars:
“We are ending combat operations in Iraq this month,” Obama said. “In Afghanistan, we’ve still got a lot of work to do… that is still the epicenter of terrorism targeting the United States.” He also said that he plans to start “thinning out troops” in Afghanistan by July 2011.

Lighting Rod Questions With Joy Behar
Of course, this isn’t exactly 60 Minutes, so comedienne Joy Behar took a few minutes to lighten the mood.

“Did you know that Lindsay Lohan is in jail?” Behar asked, along with questions about Mel Gibson and Snooki. He knows all about Lindsay, he hasn’t listened to the Mel Gibson tapes and he said he doesn’t know who Snooki is….

He said listens to Jay-Z and Justin Bieber on his iPod, and said he was not invited to Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding, because it would be too much trouble to have two presidents at a wedding.

On His Legacy:
Walters asked the president what he hoped his legacy would be – a tough question to answer, especially in such uncertain times.

“I’d like the American people to look back and say, ‘This is a time when we tackled problems we’ve put off for too long,’” Obama said, citing health-care, energy policy and financial reforms as examples. “We just have to remind ourselves of what makes us great, and hopefully I’ll be able to lead this country through this very difficult time.”

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