WATCH | Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Spencer Legrande

 WATCH | Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Spencer Legrande

I watched the clip and my stance is going to remain the same about the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long. I don’t know who to believe. It would be remiss of me to not post the clips. I am extremely disheartened about this sensational story for a number of reasons. Prior to the allegations against the Bishop, stories like this happen everyday to our younger children, communities around the world and the media does not give any of those children the same exposure in the news nor any breath at all.

I truly believe that folks that are accused of commiting crimes of any kind who have money, influence, race and a elite position plays a powerful role in our communities. The media dirty politics attempt to try the case in the public eye to sway the opinions of folks before the case has been heard in court. I don’t know Bishop Eddie Long nor have I ever heard anything negative about the man prior to this story breaking in the media. After reading comments though, I find folks are quick to judgment and become a divided people on such legal matters before the facts have been filtered out. It leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth towards the attorney who represent these young men because it is not proper to have the accusers on national television making statements prior to the legal proceedings. Keep in mind that there are children in the world who are currently being abused right under your noses long before these young men came forward with their sexual allegations. Those children are not enjoying the luxury of trips, jewelry, homes and gifts from their predators. Abused children are telling folks but who are telling their stories and who is rescuing them from their pain?

hqdefault WATCH | Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Spencer Legrande

Susan Sarandon speaks about child sex trafficking happening in the United States. If I appear cynical about the Bishop Eddie Long accusers sexual allegations…oh well! Children are raped, tortured and thrown away like trash everyday and no one say shit! Now comes along a black mega-church with grown men making sexual allegations against a bishop who by their own omission in the media…he no longer wanted to be with them? I applaud them for coming forward but cases against celebrities being played out in the media seeking public opinion is played out. The black church know they have issues and outdated views long before this case came to light and will continue to have the same issues when the case has been resolved between the parties involved. What folks don’t realize is that there are a number of churches who stands against homosexuality teachings in their doctrine and the topic will continue to be against their biblical beliefs.

TRAGEDY IN THE HEARTLAND: THE KILLING OF BILLY LUCAS – This poor young soul committed suicide because he was being bullied at school. A memorial to Billy has gone up on Facebook.

Teen Student Kills Self After Years Of Gay Taunts – It was soo bad he shot himself to death.

What about these idiots who beat up a white teen, they need to find the asswipes who beat up this young fifteen year old child.

White Teen Allegedly A Victim To Hate Crime [Video]

Couple charged with child rape – A married couple has been charged with first-degree felonies for having a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old girl. Bountiful police arrested Michael Ray Barry, 44, and his wife, Penni Barry, 36, on Wednesday after investigating claims made by the girl, said Police Lt. Randy Pickett.

You can Google and read stories about sexual and deviant behavior happening to children around the world. Where you advocating against children sexual abuse in your church long before this case or you simply jumping on the bandwagon to make cybernoise? Stand against bullying, sexual abuse and start educating the children in your communities and in your households. Does your child come home with gifts from adults? Do you allow your child to go on trips with adults without you being present? Are you accepting gifts from adults who want to be with your children? Do you allow your child to make adult decisions? Those are some questions that you need to ask yourself before pointing the fingers at someone else. It starts at home…especially for the parents who look at their children everyday.

In unrelated news -

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