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Do not watch the video if your the sort of individual who can not handle the raw and poignant words of a women who stands against an injustice legal system against civilians. The Youtube video shows a BART police officer beating a man on the platform shortly before another BART officer shot and killed 22-year-old Oscar Grant. Judge Robert Perry denied “a defense motion to allow police officers to be part of the jury pool for the upcoming trial” of Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop accused of murdering Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale station on New Year’s Day 2009.

R.I.P. Oscar Grant

hqdefault Video of the Day | People With Guns Kill Not Those Who Carry Guns!

This sista in the Youtube breaks it down in words that I can not WRITE about Oscar Grant whose life was stolen from him at the hands of an police officer. I am lost for words after watching the video “Reiko, Revolution Books; People’s Tribunal: Oscar Grant’s Murder.” I think about the actions of law enforcement. There is an underlying real fear of police officers in our society based on the actions of psychologically fucked up police officers who get away with committing illegal acts against unarmed civilians. I question the judicial system in our society….what about you? Who is responsible for changing the legal system? Who are these people that clear police officers who are clearly wrong ? Our judicial system has allowed the judicial system employees to fester into a “it’s the police officer word against the defendant word.”  The police are always right. No one at the top questioned whether they are telling the truth…oh no, the police don’t lie! Your guilty before proven innocent….your ass is found guilty before you stand before the judge based on an law enforcement written incident report.

Since this blog is about keeping it 100% raw, real and don’t give a damn who knows it. I figure it is time to open up a bit more about my experience with the use of guns in my own life….yeah shit is really that real. Get the picture, get into it or move your mouse to the right and “X” my black ass off your computer screen! Your heard that from thephotographer4you herself!

True Story that hit close to home in my family tree relating to the use of “GUNS!”: My family has lost three young souls at the hands of individuals who used firearms to kill 2 of my cousins and one death was accidental. The Oscar Grant story hits very close to home for me….tried, true and heartfelt. I can’t relate to their pain, their loss nor fathom what their real life experience is at this very moment. I was a very young child when I witness that people who carry guns kill people not guns amongst my own biological family. I can’t recall how old I was but I was very young at the time the incident took place with two of my cousins and my 18 year old cousin died two years ago from a random gunshot wound from an idiot who just wanted to shoot someone. The memory of my great Aunt Bertha reaction to the news still rings in my head to this very day…..the wailing of a mother came from deep within her soul from the news about her son being shot. I would never forget the image in my mind of that night my great aunt tearfully cried out…”my baby is gone!” I was paying attention: My relatives were very close back then and they were devastated….the chaotic moment that ensued after the horrific news of my 1st cousin getting shot swept throughout the community of Trevose; I can’t begin to describe the events that unfold on that night in this blog post. I get teary eyed and emotional from the mere thought of it….the shit runs real deep in my family and writing this is just the tip of the shit behind it all. I will just say Karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite the fucker in the ass when it is all said and done. Mark my words…you read that right! The dude who shot my cousin still walks the streets in Trevose after serving a mere 10 years in jail. I tell my cousins who were close to their first cousin who know what actually transpired the night our cousin Charles was shot firsthand whatever went down that horrific night…let God handle it because he already has..don’t you go and get yourself locked up for murder nor seek revenge. It is not what is was in biblical times an “eye for an eye.” Trust! It was during a time when cellphones were not thought of and folks delivered the new faster the speed of light by calling up folks with rotary dial telephones….you get the picture. Aunt Bertha was a rock and losing her baby son brought her to her fragile knees.  All three of my cousins lives were stolen from them instantly without any warning or provocation. The impact upon my family and the community is hard to describe….all I know is that when ever there is tragedy that hits close to home it can shake a community and bring a family to their knees. I miss both of my cousins Charles and Marquel….a daughter, father and son of one family related to one another. Imagine that….a branch in your family tree that is stricken down by the hands of a lunatic with firearm? I tell my cousin M…she should become a spokesperson and create an non profit advocate against the use firearms. I can’t describe to you in words the pain, the hurt and feeling of loss without writing an entire book. What I have learned from the experience is my cousin lives which was stolen by an firearm…we can never replace the person. The pain runs very deep…it is like someone ripping your heart out. I hate guns….. There is no justification for killing someone wrongly in my humble opinion. Just recently I have heard that someone in my own community is packing a gun…she walks around the community with a gun. We don’t know if the chick is crazy but it creeps me the fuck out!

My Stance about police officers.: I understand they all have a job to protect our society. I get that part but I don’t get the part when law enforcement are allowed to get away with unjust deadly force and violence against unarmed civilians. I have been shaken by videos and movies like that capture senseless police killings that stem from the civil rights era. What comes to mind is that young man who died from 50 bullets in New York City…those police officers got off the hook for the baseless act by being allowed to use excuses for their use of deadly force. The shit baffles the mind…seriously, I don’t know about you but it creeps me out. I am fearful of police officers but I would gladly call one in a distress situation if need be. I have been arrested before…oh yeah and I am not ashamed to tell it. Wrangling through the judicial process is a beast especially if your trying to prove your innocence….they are not concern about your innocence. Why do you think folks plea out to get the experience behind them and get on with their lives? Chronic criminals don’t give a fuck about the judicial system but folks who have never been through the courtroom doors…are in for a rude awakening. You really have a come to “Jesus” moment and than your pissed when you realized the Costco lawyers and the overpriced hired lawyer you may have paid legal fees to defend you are throwing your ass under a bus with the prosecutor and judge….uh huh! I can write a book about it when I grow a big enough vajayjay..and just to think my black ass majored in college was Criminology and I became an certified Paralegal in 2008. Book theory is a lot different than the real courtroom…you can forget what they taught you in the classroom. The rules are totally different when you walk through the courtroom doors and your ass is standing in front of a judge. I can tell you this though.. the folks in charge in the judicial system are not following the script nor their own guidelines written in textbooks..uh huh! About now folks need to start discussing their experiences with the judicial system…too many people are arrested in this country and abroad feel shamed and embarrassed. Not enough folks want to discuss their arrest with anyone and want to brush the experience way back in their closet. That in itself has created issues in our communities and may have kept the legal system from changing. Our gang banging youth who think they will get street cred from going to jail need to be told the truth and within our own families we are not discussing our arrest and jailhouse experiences. I can tell you it was not an good experience at all! Once those steel doors close and your freedom is taken away…its a wrap! Even for a few hours…it was not a good thing at all. I am the sort of person who talk shit all day long with the best of em’ but getting locked up was no picnic. Fear creeps up from the pit of my stomach and it goes left for me..all I know is I don’t ever want to be in the back of an cruiser with a bad cop, nor caged for a non violent crime nor would I wish that on my worst enemy. It is clearly obvious that Oscar Grant did not know in a few short seconds of being arrested that he would die but capture on video. You can hear his intuition telling him that something was not right when he told his girlfriend ‘he’s got a gun and I gotta go!”

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  • Reiko Redmonde

    Hi, saw this and wanted to say thanks for posting the video. You might also be interested in Revolution newspaper ( Send me an email, and say hi. FYI just in the last week 3 more people have been shot to death by police in the SF Bay Area. It’s an epidemic!

    • geekgirl

      I am glad you posted the video…I was deeply touched and it made me reflect on the use of guns that instantly killed 3 of my own relatives. I watched the videos in this post over and over again to really understand your message..I get it! I really do…thank you for standing up for change! I know that it is not easy being vocal about social issues in this country but your voice is one that must be heard. Keep your head up and don’t give up!