Video of the Day | Glen Beck “President Obama” Is A “Racist.”

Glen Beck is going in about Martin Luther King and how the whites were the ones who started the revolution? Oh really now! Looks like Beck is gearing up for his rally in August during the same time Al Sharpton is rallying to “Reclaim the Dream!” Beck states that President Obama hates white folks…uh huh! It was a majority of white folks who voted our President into office. I am not buying this bullshit…..Beck go in about the Black Panthers who go out and get really vocal about hating white folks in this video. Now that is an issue but what about those tea partyer’s who clearly have shown their disdain for other racial groups? All of these folks who spew racial hatred toward folks got some serious issues they need to work out….
What I find interesting about all of this is that most folks don’t have roundtable discussions about race when they’re chilling with a diverse group of people….more like pass me a rib and an Heineken. The media get folks up in arms about race relations, stereotypes and just a lot of shit that takes our mind off the real issues that is currently happening in our society…like the Gulf Oil Spill, unemployment, health-care reform for everyone, bailouts for everyone, foreclosures and high credit card interest rates that have been effecting all people of every nationality and income level in this country. I don’t hear Beck talking about that ish….go figure!
Here is a comment.:
I like your comments Mag, and you bring up an interesting point.

A lot of people do not understand the difference between racism and racialism. The United States is a racialist society, which means that in our society there is an emphasis placed on race by the majority in our society. Most American citizens are decent and upright, but there are racists in our society. This MMFA article provides the evidence of said racism, and who the perpetrators are from the right-wing.

As you indicate, the NAACP is a racial organization committed to fight racism in a racialist society. As racism continues from the right and elsewhere, the NAACP will always be needed to serve the needs of African Americans, and their other supporters including white citizens. The NAACP is open to all races who believe in fighting for equality.

Why We Should Eliminate the R-Word

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