Shady Non Profit Housing Groups Squander DC Government Money

The Washington Post did an excellent investigative article on fake HIV nonprofit housing organizations who squandered government funds to provide services to people with HIV/Aids. The article “Staggering, stiking neglect” was on the front page of the Sunday, October 18, 2009, Washington Post. It is amazing the amount of funding that has been allocated to these fake housing groups but failed to fulfilled their mission. No watchdogs staring over their shoulders and books these people are spending the money any way they want to on things that don’t pertain to helping people who have contract HIV/AIDS. This is a serious issue and it should be addressed immediately. Those folks who cashed the checks should be held accountable and forced to pay back the city. Debra Rowe should be the first on the watchdog list to pay back all the money that they allocated to her group or that she was in charge with….including her family members. According to the post investigation more than $80 million in grants were handed out to small non profit groups that claimed to specialize in everything except having a cure for AIDS. More than $25 million went to groups who were previously drug dealers, prostitutes and boyfriends of some strange folks with questionable backgrounds. In another words these strange characters found a new hustle to obtain money to lined their pocket and wallets with to purchase spanking brand new Coach bags and shiny new rims instead of providing the housing to sick people. For 3.5 years Debra Rowe was the HBIC  who was handing out more than $25 million to anyone who could cash a check. This ish right here sounds like those folks who were previously caught who went on a major shopping spree with the DC tax government money at Bloomies and Macy’s . They robbed the DC government tax department when no one was paying attention or they were paid off to turn their heads while the checks were being cash. To think they did it all for material items that didn’t amount to anything except a lengthy jail term once they got caught holding the checks. With that kind of money they should have gotten some plastic surgery and some dental work, at least they would age gracefully in jail while they healed. No they were caught with clothing, handbags and some worthless bullshit in their homes by the big boys who came to take them down.

Non profit groups like Transgender Health Empowerment group, Women’s Collective instead of shady Miracle Hands whose executive director was convicted of running a massive open air drug market in Northeast D.C. in the 1980′s;  should have received that $4.5 million check to help the sick and sufferers of the deadly virus. You would think with that amount of money being allocated to these non profit groups that there would have been an watchdog in place to watch the money and signature on the checks. Oh of course, when the powers to be know one another or have a family member working the scam, of course there will be room for some shady business if their hearts were not in the right place from the moment they came up with this shady scheme to rob the D.C. government. Instead of the Department of Health attempting to point fingers they need to file a criminal complaint to round these folks up and hold them accountable for the money. Debra Rowe and her thieving posse the D.C. government wants their money back…..were the hell is the money? That’s a lot of money to just simply pat them on the hands about or have them shrugged their shoulders at the DC government with those lame excuses of screwed up paperwork. Hell to the Naw, accountability is serious being overlooked and who ever is in charge need to step forward and seek answers before they lose their job and go to jail with the rest of these folks! I am just saying this is my opinion about it…..hell what do I know, it was simply a great investigative report!

On a side note this is not about race either because I have simply been watching a lot of shit in the news. I would have to go on record and say everyone in regardless of skin color, ethnicity, and religion background has been having a moment in the media. Black folks have lost their damn minds when they go around stealing millions from a government, beating up people on youtube, killing people on youtube, rape,  sex with animals, killing animals, shooting folks, anything conscrued as being weird and doing things that would make your family be like damn, whassup with this dude right here!

 Shady Non Profit Housing Groups Squander DC Government Money
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