R.I.P Senator Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

300px Ted Kennedy%2C official photo portrait R.I.P Senator Ted Kennedy, 1932 2009
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By now everyone on this earth should know that the senator has went on home and is finally at peace.  He fought a long battle with Brain cancer and continue to fight the good fight as long as his health would allow him to….may he rest in peace. I wonder if there will be a replacement for him to fight for the working class people like he did…check out this video of him fighting for minumum wage increases. Memorable moments of him are all over the Internet and CNN.

R.I.P senator

Ted Kennedy (D-MA) goes off on Senate Republicans as they once again try to block the first minimum wage increase in 10 years. For more United States Senate coverage, please go to BobGeiger.com.

40 Years Ago the Senator delivered Ted Kennedy delivering the closing part of the eulogy at the funeral of his brother Bobby, using excerpts from Bobby’s famous speech to the students of a South African university in 1966.

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