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gravy home Politricks n Food n Conversations

What it do boo? What’s for dinner YO? IDK….something. Mommy gonna throw down in da crib. Be bless boo and enjoy. God bless the child that has his own. Eat up.

Made home made gravy with a spoon of butter, a spoon of flour, stir, add veggies n seasoning. Simmer to a boil and enjoy cooks in da crib. Mommy has a dollop of gravy. YUM!

Been listening to the politricking over a good plate of food and conversation about the government shutdown. WOW….just WOW! Our government has been taken hostage. For real…..embrace yourselves American people.

steak dinner friday 5th Politricks n Food n Conversations

Dinner is served in Dee’s kitchen. What did I do.

Broil the steak meat on high after rubbing with Olive Oil on both side.

Cut up veggies n put into the gravy concoction after I stirred butter n floor base.

Season to taste…..jasmine rice n saute veggies from the garden. Left over collar greens with turkey. YUM

Dinner is served…simple n easy.

Side note: Be careful in your garden sweet peas.

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