Police Play Wii Game During Drug Raid

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Florida police officers were caught on camera playing Wii Bowling as investigators conducted a nine-hour drug raid. After busting down the door with their guns the police decided to partake in a game of Wii while their colleagues commence to continue their drug raid. As the investigators searched the home for drugs, some drug task force members found other ways to occupy their time. Within 20 minutes of entering Difalco’s house, some of the investigators found a Wii video bowling game and began bowling frame after frame.This is sure to cause a full scale investigation into the lunch breaks that the police take during their dangerous raids. I am sure there is a good explanation from the officers to their superior why they decided to play target practice with the Wii game system. This is one of those WTF are they thinking moments. The video is hilarious of officers having a Wii moment.

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LAKELAND, Fla. — Some central Florida police officers may be disciplined after surveillance video caught them playing a Wii video bowling game during a drug raid. Video obtained by WFLA-TV in Tampa shows various officers enthusiastically playing the video game after storming the house near Lakeland armed with a search warrant in March.

Unbeknown to the officers of the anti-drug task force, video surveillance had been set up in the home of convicted drug dealer Michael Difalco, who was already in custody.

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