Oh Snap | EBT = Eat Butt Trick

fat cats Oh Snap | EBT = Eat Butt Trick

Dang….fat cats w lard with strings of feeders. HA! Today was the first day folks will feel the cuts of their monthly food stamps being slashed. Son of mofos n biddy boos some of y’all voted for dem fat cats eating off the government n benefiting from your votes….#EnoughAlready.

How is dat trickle down effect working for you?

ebt Oh Snap | EBT = Eat Butt Trick

Working class folks be pretending n whatnot. Yeah OK…..listen to all that asinine shit. Don’t vote. Don’t chime in n keep on keeping on. 47% of the working class folks do not matter. Romney Mitten told folks the truth. Dude was not lying….he was just caught out there.

I fathom to wonder who voted for dem fat cats that are scraping the asses of the American people over hot coals? Oh snap where are my food stamps. Some folks need a wake up alarm to jump start. Some folks don’t believe shit stinks. Some folks do not believe the conversation applies to them. Oh snap….today a lot of folks are asking where the frack is my goddamn food stamps? UMPH!

If your tuned into the conversation…..most folks put down the folks who receive food stamps. Claim it is a black thing. NOT!

What comes to mind to me when I look at EBT = Eat Butt Trick. HA! #EnoughAlready with the buffoonery.


It ain’t a goddamn racial thing…sooner y’all figure that shit out. You’re realize it’s a humanity thing sheeple. Get into it before your effin ass starve to death….K boo. Clueless people will always starve n pass dat okey doke asinine thinking onto the next generation. YEAH!

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