Note to Mr. President….Bankrupt BP & Lock Folks Up

angry black man Note to Mr. President....Bankrupt BP & Lock Folks Up

Hello, Good Morning: It is time to get down and dirty with it Mr. President. I give you permission to get simulated and computerized glocked with it, have a spazzed out moment on television, get gritty with it like the oil that is destroying our environment, grabbed your balls and curse the walls loudly because we want something to happen fast in the Gulf. We are still going to think your fly with it….cause your the coolest president that I had the pleasure of witnessing to take office in the White House during my lifetime. Had it been Mr. Joe Smith gas station on the corner…his ass would have been in jail along with fines and sanctions imposed upon the business entity that would have bankrupt him and his entire generation. Those folks are playing with the wrong dude….charm went out the window when the media started talking mess about your daughters and throwing darts at your wife when you walked up in the White House. The devastation that is occurring in the Gulf is making me wonder if BP is paying someone off to spew nonsense to pass the buck for their f&%k drilling and screw the tea baggers. That group could not brew a pint of tea nor clean up the devastation that is occurring in the Gulf right at this very moment. Oh! Where is Peta while all this is going down in the Gulf? That group always have a word about animals but we have not heard a word from them either….have not heard squawk from either one of these  allege social rights groups…didn’t think soo..they don’t want no part of this cleanup! Do you Mr. President…now is the time to clean this oil mess up and start billing BP and their next generation for this oil spill mess.

(I apologized Mr. President but I am trying really hard not to curse in this is that working out for you every-time you turn on your television screen and watch oil guzzling into the Gulf stream?). Mr. President I am telling you to not fall for that media nonsense during the most horrific oil spill devastation to our environment caused by BP in our American history…..something needs to happen now! Please followup on your promise to find out what ass is responsible for the oil spill and handle it!  Who ever came up with the slogan that black people got issues if they show any emotions, anger or whatever can suck rocks….this is the 21st century and everyone needs to know every human being has a moment! Enough with that slave master mentality bullshit. Mr. President the folks who have a negative opinion about the Gulf oil spill on your presidential watch during your time in office are simply voicing an opinion that you need to brush to the wasteland….you need solutions right now to stop the guzzling oil leak. Now is the time to allow yourself to become emotional, angry, mad, sad, pissed off, bi-polar and talk about dealing with BP on a level that most folks will never comprehend for a man in your position toward BP personnel responsible for this oil mess. Seize and bankrupt the BP giants. The people elected you for change…the people believe that is what you were going to do for this country and that meant handling your business Mr. President. Screw the naysayers because their asses should be mad right along with you. Individuals livelihoods have been affected, precious wildlife is being killed and the environment is being destroyed every second the oil is pouring into the gulf. This country is in a recession while your trying to turn it around… dare they cause this devastation to our environment and expect a pat on the hand? You are the people’s president….this is not about race and the last time I check there are a lot of white folks in the gulf…uh huh! Where is this article going with this nonsense….Boycott BP! I stand with anyone protesting to seize, boycott and bankrupt the oil spilling giants!

Note to haters and naysayers….I did everything in my power not to have every other word an expletive but about now I would expect our President to be cussing and taking no nonsense! What about you? President Obama did not cause this oil spill…..BP did this all by themselves.

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