Mr. President Obama Fire the Right Wing Extremist

gove workers Mr. President Obama Fire the Right Wing Extremist

Fire the tea party extremist that is holding our government hostage. Mr. President Barack Obama hand them a warning n if they do not comply. Fire them along with Boehner by issuing pink slips. Clearly there must be something that can be done?

This is not a laughing matter. It seems that the rules of the government is being high jacked and the rules are being rewritten by the GOP. Oh yeah it is the GOP fault this is going down on the house floor. Let’s not ignore the fact that the GOP paycheck is secure.

Dem pubs are attempting to crash the economy and put the America people livelihoods in a chaotic state.

flower bed Mr. President Obama Fire the Right Wing Extremist

This is a big fucking deal! Mr. President to not bend at all! Have dem pubs arrested and locked up for treason. Withhold their pay and have them arrested ASAP!

Sitting inside cause the heat ran me back indoors several hours ago. I am listening to the deets about the government shutdown on C-SPAN online live. This shutdown proves to me that more Americans should learn how to live off the grid and grow their own produce.

3:02pm (ET)
4:35pm (ET)

C-SPAN I was just listening to the caller. He does not understand why they’re not willing to listen to Mr. President Barack Obama? Oh really now. He is a black man. Dem pubs are not willing to give up their paychecks. Who made the rules that if the government shutdown….that the top of the house still received their checks while the folks that actually do the work gets screwed? WHO?

In my humble opinion I would not believe one work dem pubs say as long as they’re being paid. Why is it that they’re allowed to be paid and the remainder of the government can not be granted their paychecks? What makes them workers special?







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