Dr. Cornel West Commemtary with Roland Martin

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Dear Brother Cornell West,

We are free African American people, foreigners, and blacks have been free and have been “FREE” since the emancipation of slavery. I suspect you would be aware of that fact since you teach professionally as an  professor of African American studies at Princeton University….Uh huh? Mass incarceration has always been an long standing issue in the African American, brown and non black folks community, unemployment among the working class people and poverty…..along with uneducated individuals. Mr. West you made it about skin color when you spoke about skin color when you spoke about the President of the United States being a white women and our president not being black enough?

Black people need no one to speak on their behalf.  What the hell is West implying when he state that our President of the United States is a mascot and a puppet? West mention POTUS is a not black man president. I am clueless as to what  you (WEST) mean? POTUS is not a free “black man” in our United States?

African American brothers and sisters that are detained are not an issue that started on President Obama watch….where were you in the 1950s when folks needed help with unemployment, unlawful detainment, unjust poverty, the unjust criminal justice system, poverty in all ethnic groups in American and around the globe, unemployment for African American folks and folks suffering? During your 65 events were you able to implement any sort of change for the working class American people? “WEST”! Is this a black only “THING” to be addressed that spawn on a personal level that the American people are not aware of? Go ahead and address it, get it over with already and get it off your chest. I am curious to hear more of the bantering rants.


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