Japan Earthquake and Tsunami | Nippon jishin to tsunami

 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami | Nippon jishin to tsunami

I was woken by the telephone ringing at 4 am. At first I ignored the telephone ringing but thought who calls me early in the morning. I am glad I picked up the phone. It was my son alerting me about the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami. He wanted me to learn about what was going on in Japan and to not be too alarmed. Always the calm youngster looking out for others..god bless his kind heart for thinking of us when he should have been thinking of himself. His girlfriend is stuck in an airport in Japan and his friends live near a sea wall. We were both were stunned when his friend was on the phone, went to the seawall and said he was still going to walk his dog despite the tsunami. I had not grasp the full magnitude of the situation until I watched in horror on UStream live coverage of the earthquake. I start reading the news reports, tweets and Facebook messages. My son conveyed to me that he was capable of handling the his situation but he was concerned for his dear girlfriend who is stranded at the airport with minimal resources and no transportation. As much as I wanted to jumped into my car and drive to the end of the earth…he ensured me their was nothing I can do nor can I drive over 6000 miles to the island. I am speechless as I watched the quake ripple through the island on my computer screen. I stayed on the phone for at least  4 hours until the telephones died…he assured me that he would be fine, he was worried about his girlfriend more than anything. #PrayforJapan and the world. Our prayers go out to all the friends and family members of people affected by this disaster.


Google has launched a Japanese-language Person Finder tool to help victims and families locate one another. Google announced the Person Finder tool on Twitter. “Google Person Finder available after earthquake in Japan to help you get information about loved ones,” read a tweet from the official Google account. Google has launched the Google Crisis Center


japan Japan Earthquake and Tsunami | Nippon jishin to tsunami



The catastrophic earthquake struck Northern Japan, 150 miles off the coast. The quake hit on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 06:25:51 UTC, with a magnitude of 8.9.  This is one one of the highest earthquakes ever recorded on earth. The quake is being described as roughly 1,000 times the size of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, in terms of total energy released. The USGS reports that this is the 5th strongest earthquake in the world since 1900.

The Pacific Tsunami Center has issued a warning not only for Japan, where a 10-meter (33 foot) high tsunami is already sweeping the country, but for the coast of Russia, Marcus Island, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Marshall Island, Midway Island, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Live coverage on CNN International, Al Jazeera, and NHK, is showing massive tsunami waves of debris, mud, and flame wiping out massive sections of coastline. We are watching people dying, swept up in these massive waves of mud and debris.

Reddit thread with relevant links.

Wikipedia page: 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami.

YouTube’s Citizentube is curating raw videos from eyewitnesses.

The Pentagon said there was no reported damage to any US ships or facilities based in Japan, with all US military personnel in Japan accounted for. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said that US Ambassador to Japan John Roos has moved the US Embassy’s command center “to an alternate location as a precaution given the many aftershocks in Tokyo.”

People concerned about U.S. citizens affected by the Japan earthquake can contact JapanEmergencyUSC@state.gov. If you are concerned about a specific U.S. citizen in the tsunami zone outside of Japan, e-mail PacificTsunamiUSC@state.gov.

If you are interested in making a donation or offering your services to help the victims of this natural disaster, please visit Global Giving, American Red Cross Or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.

RT @SFLRedCross: Contact the US State Department 1-888-407-4747 or 202-647-5225 for inquiries on US citizens living/traveling in #tsunami

During a Nuclear Power Explosion

Japan Tsunami – Live Streaming:

NHK Japan Live: NHK Japan Live
TBS News i Japan Live: TBS News i Japan Live
Al Jazeera Japan Live: Al Jazeera Japan Live
ABC News Live: ABC News Live
Associated Press Live: Associated Press Live
Aftonbladet Live (Sweden): Aftonbladet Live
BBC Live: BBC Live
CBC News Live: CBC News Live
CNN Live: CNN Live
CCTV News China: CCTV News China
Daily Telegraph Live: Daily Telegraph Live
Deutche Welle Live: Deutche Welle Live
Expressen Live (Sweden): Expressen Live
France24 Live: France24 Live
Khon2 Hawaii: Khon2 Hawaii
Komo News Live: Komo News Live
NDTV Live: NDTV Live
RTE Live (Ireland): RTE Live (Ireland)
RT Today Live: RT Today Live
SVT Play Live (Sweden): SVT Play Live (Sweden)
VG TV Live (Norway): VG TV Live (Norway)

Japan Tsunami – Live Streaming USA West Coast:

Fox5 Live (San Diego): Fox5 Live (San Diego)
Kacb Live (los angeles): Kacb Live (los angeles)
Katu News Live (portland): Katu News Live (portland)
Kiro TV Live (seattle): Kiro TV Live
Komo News Live (seattle): Komo News Live
Kron Live (san francisco): Kron Live (san francisco)
WSMV Live (nashville): WSMV Live (nashville)

Twitter – Real Time Updates:

Twitter #earthquake: Twitter #earthquake
Twitter #japan: Twitter #japan:
Twitter #tsunami: Twitter #tsunami

Google Crisis Response – Japan Earthquake 2011:

Google Crisis Response – Japan Earthquake 2011: Google Crisis Response – Japan Earthquake

Tsunami Arrival Times for locations in Pacific Ocean:

Tsunami Arrival Times for locations – in Pacific Ocean: Tsunami Arrival Times – in Pacific Ocean
Tsunami Arrival for locations – USA: Tsunami Arrival for locations – USA
Tsunami Travel Times Map: Tsunami Travel Times Map
Time and Date – Japan: Time and Date – Japan

Real-Time Sea Level Monitoring:

Real-Time Sea Level Monitoring: Real-Time Sea Level Monitoring

Japan Tsunami Live Radio:

Vanuatu Island Radio Live: Vanuatu Island Radio Live

Google People Finder – Japan:

Google People Finder – Japan: Google People Finder – Japan

Japan Tsunami – YouTube:

YouTube #tsunami: YouTube #tsunami
YouTube AFP: YouTube AFP
YouTube Citizentube: YouTube Citizentube

Japan and Hawaii Webcams

Honolulu Webcams: Honolulu Webcams

Japan Earthquake – Real-Time Map:

Earthquake – Real-Time Map: Earthquake – Real-Time Map
Seismic Monitor: Seismic Monitor

Google Maps – Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates (38.322°N, 142.369°E)

Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates: Japan Earthquake Location Coordinates

Japan Nuclear Power Plants:

Japan Nuclear Power Plants: Japan Nuclear Power Plants
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Google Maps: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Tsunami Warnings Center:

Japan Meteorological Center: Japan Meteorological Center
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warnings: West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warningsr
Noaa: Noaa
Humatarian Early Warning Service – Real time warnings and updates: HEWS

Japan Tsunami – News:

NHK World Japan: NHK World Japan
ABC News Live: ABC News Live
Accu Weather: Accu Weather
BBC Japan: BBC Japan
CBS News: CBS News
Channel 4 News: Channel 4 News
CNN Japan: CNN Japan
Daily Telegraph (Australia): Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Fox News: Fox News
Google News: Google News
Guardian Japan: Guardian Japan
Huffington Post Japan: Huffington Post Japan
Kyodo News Japan: Kyodo News Japan
New York Times Japan: New York Times Japan
NPR Japan: NPR Japan
Reuters Japan: Reuters Japan
R7 (Brasil): R7 (Brasil)
Sky News Japan: Sky News Japan
Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney Morning Herald
The Japan Times: The Japan Times
Voice of America – VOA News: Voice of America – VOA News
Yahoo News: Yahoo News
Washington Post: Washington Post

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