Video: FOX’s Bill O’Reilly Attacks Michael Jackson’s Memorial Coverage

Reilly is the one seeking and exploiting ratings for his show. He call other media outlets out for doing the same thing he is doing himself. Based on his ranting during the interview in this clip it seems that he has a huge issue with Jackson having the audacity to adopt white children to call as his own. What about all the white celebrities who adopt black, Indian, African and Asian children to parade in Hollyweird as arm candy for the paparazzi money shot? I don’t hear any criticism about that from the media and mainstream news. Of course not, no we will call Tom Cruise, Angelina the global and home wrecker humanitarian and Madonna the Queen of whatever to go buy their children because they are absolutely excellent role models for these poor kids. Get the hell outta here with that nonsense….race is always going to come up when non whites or whites step out and start doing what is considered traditional behavior by other racial groups as being strange. At this point most media outlets are going to makeup up stories and fabricate something on someone to sell magazines and get higher ratings. The Internet put a monkey wrench in a lot of these media outlets pocketbook, they have to do something to stay afloat now don’t they…the Michael Jackson “King of Pop” will fascinate, infuriate, make some folks cry, make some folks curse the computer and television screen, and make some folks love him more than they did before he died. Now folks are learning about the “Man in the Mirror” as the Jackson family allow information to trickle out about his eccentric lifestyle behind close doors. Dr. Hill made a true statement when he said “blacks are very loyal and protective”…that is a very interesting statement that I need to ponder for a minute. I have heard that blacks are very forgiving and will allow other non black into their social settings than other non black groups..

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