First Lady Michelle Obama Poker Faced

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Allegedly First Lady Michelle is giving the President silent treatment over women overtures according to a new President Obama book out today. At least we can add to the list that she is a human being and a women who has a right to give her husband the side eye if his ass is enjoying the alleged touching and squeezing of his hind cheeks. Based on the picture making its rounds on the Internet showing the First Lady and the President looking like they just had a moment and needed to put on their best business poker face for the public….I can’t tell you how many times I have done that with my husband.d I am sure there are a few gals and guys who can attest to that moment in their own marriage. They both look like I mad and I mad too! Don’t talk to me and lets get this ish over with before I have a moment publicly. I know she did everything in her power to be cool under pressure…..I am sure she wanted him to have it that day…..something we can all learn from this picture. Duty calls despite our personal mess. LOL!

 First Lady Michelle Obama Poker Faced

Here’s an excerpt…

Andersen cites rumors “that it was more than just the random flirting from strangers that was getting to Michelle. Her husband, it would later be reported, had grown close to an attractive young African-American woman [working for the Obama campaign] named Vera Baker.

“When Baker suddenly and inexplicably vanished from the campaign and resurfaced on the Caribbean island of Martinique, tongues reportedly began wagging. A jealous Michelle, it was suggested, had engineered Baker’s departure.”

Michelle Obama’s revenge for flirts: “MICHELLE Obama gave her husband the silent treatment at one point in his campaign for president because so many women ‘pushed their bodies up against his, slipped phone numbers into his pockets’ and whispered lewd suggestions in his ear, a new book out today claims.

In ‘Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage’ (William Morrow), Christopher Andersen reports, ‘On more than one occasion, Barack tried not to look startled when some random woman in the crowd would grasp him firmly by the derriere — and sometimes try to hold on.’

After an appearance in Peoria, Ill., the future president slid into the back of his SUV, and allegedly said, ‘Jesus, I wish they’d stop grabbing my ass.’” more

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