Email Bag | Leading the Pack Brings New Perils, Perry Discovers

obama2012artboard Email Bag | Leading the Pack Brings New Perils, Perry Discovers
One of my Facebook friends posted an excellent comment that warrants review and attention when making a decision about who to vote for in 2012. Mark Jeffery Koch Cherry Hill, New Jersey September 13th, 2011 3:30 pm to an article “Leading the Pack Brings New Perils, Perry Discovers.”
When CNN asked a hypothetical question about a young man without insurance who is severely injured and requires hospitalization for six months, “Who would pay for his care? Should society “just let him die?” “Yes,” came calls from the crowd. In the last debate people cheered when it was mentioned that more than 200 people were executed last year in Texas!If that was not enough to disgust the viewer then watching hundreds of middle aged men and women rapturously applaud whenever one of the politicians spoke about privatizing Social Security, or the Ryan plan which will decimate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and remove the safety new that has protected tens of millions of Americans for several decades certainly was. The remarks and cheers from the candidates about criminalizing immigrants who arrived here illegally and who are cleaning toilets, working in hospital kitchens, and doing the most menial work possible was equally disgusting.

The Republican Party and the Tea Party make government out to be the enemy. Do they know that the police, fireman, teachers, first responders, military, and State and Federal workers who work hard every day in offices around the country are helping every single American every single day? Do they know that it is government that enforces our product safety laws, laws protecting our environment, and workplace safety rules? Are they aware when they get a prescription filled at the pharmacy that our government acts to ensure that the drug companies maintain certain standards? Do they know that toy manufacturers are not allowed to make toys that are toxic and can harm children because our government will not permit this?

The Tea Party and Republican Party want an America where only the strong survive. If they want any government at all it’s government by the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful. If you care about the poor, the elderly, the sick, the middle class, and children the choice in 2012 is crystal clear.

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