Email Bag | Comment #196 in support of Barack Obama

jewish voter Email Bag | Comment #196 in support of Barack Obama
Mark Jeffery Koch from Cherry Hill, New Jersey wrote this comment on September 15th, 2011 12:43 pm in response to article. Thank you Jeff for sharing your comments with thephotographer4you® readers. 196 – Seeing Ripple in Jewish Vote – Readers’ Comments –
Barack Obama has increased aid to Israel at a time millions of Americans lost their homes and millions of Americans lost their jobs. He has protected Israel at the U.N. every single time, and intelligence and military cooperation between the two countries is at its highest level ever.He called for negotiations based on the 1967 borders with land swaps which is not only the official American position for the past forty years but a position endorsed by the previous four Israeli Prime Ministers except the current one who came to this country last May and proceeded to lecture the country responsible for giving it more aid than any other country in the world (including aid America gives to the top ten poorest countries combined.)Israeli’s are furious our President supposedly let their friends, the dictators in Tunesia and Egypt be overthrown, but how could America prop up oppressive dictators and tyrants who deprived their citizens of freedom and gave them a life of abject poverty while the leaders lived an opulent lifestyle? How dare Israeli’s criticizeour government for supporting people who were living under a dictatorship and wanted freedom?If the American people ever read the poisonous and hate filled comments about our President on Israeli online media sites they would be sickened. The problem is that Israel is a country today that has right wing leaders who do not want a resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and who cater to the settlers who continue to illegally expropriate more and more Palestinian land.Obama wants a fair and just solution to the conflict and wants a State of Palestine living next to a secure and safe State of Israel. Israels leaders do not want this. They want the Palestinians to disappear and for daring to try to work for a day when there are two States living side by side in peace the right wing here and in America are hell bent on destroying Obama. In the end they are only hurting Israel, and that is very sad.
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