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McDonalds 404x530 Digital Photo of the Day | McDonalds Threatens Voters Salaries

The McDonald’s story was absolutely too good not to comment on for a number of reasons. Most working class parents stop at McDonald’s for an “Happy Meal” to feed their children dinner and we all have been guilty to munch on the fatty menu from time to time. McDonald’s threatenen their underpaid staff that if they don’t VOTE for the candidates they like….they would be screwed out of their meager salaries and horrible medical benefits. McDonald’s threat employees who already worry about what they are going to do after they cash their weekly pay to swing their VOTE on election day. The employees that work for McDonald’s is barely getting by as it is on a meager salary that is an absolute insult after reading their yearly annual report. Just think what the President of the United States will have to battle everyday if folks sit out the mid-term elections? You think McDonald’s employee are going through something…just you wait and see how the burger sizzle in the White House. JEEZ! McDonald’s don’t have nothing on that except for VOTER fraud that I am sure that the local prosecutors will turn a blind eye. VOTE on November 2, 2010 if you don’t want to experience the same treatment in your local community. I break up with McDonald’s! I will only get my juicy red burgers from Wendy’s until they do something as stupid as McDonald’s….Micky D’s is about to find out that food and politics ain’t on the menu. If I worked at McDonald’s I would quit and go work for Burger King or Wendy’s. Take that McDonald’s….oh yeah and screw a happy meal and a combo menu. The food don’t look right with VOTER FRAUD drama….lurking in my combo meal!

“As the election season is here we wanted you to know which candidates will help our business grow in the future,” reads the letter. “As you know, the better our business does it enables us to invest in our people and our restaurants. If the right people are elected we will be able to continue with raises and benefits at or above our present levels. If others are elected, we will not. As always, who you vote for is completely your personal decision and many factors go into your decision.”

The note ends with a list of candidates McDonald’s believes “will help our business move forward.” It names Republicans John Kasich for governor, Rob Portman for Senate, and Jim Renacci for Congress. With the letter was a biography of Renacci.

“The handbill endorses candidates who have in essence pledged to roll back the minimum wage and eviscerate the safety net that protects the most vulnerable members of our workforce,” said Attorney Allen Schulman of Canton law firm Schulman Zimmerman & Associates, which received the documents from an employer who stepped forward. “But it’s more than that. When a corporation like McDonald’s intimidates its employees into voting a specific way, it violates both state and federal election law. It’s no surprise to anyone that Ohio is a battleground state in this election, and for a multinational corporation like McDonald’s to threaten employees like this is morally and legally wrong. This despicable corporate conduct is the logical extension of the Citizens United decision, which has unleashed corporate arrogance and abuse.”

Schulman turned over the documents to local prosecutors, asking them to “investigate this matter for a criminal violation.” Ohio election law specifically states that no corporation “shall print or authorize to be print…or post or exhibit in the establishment or anywhere in or about the establishment…handbills containing any threat, notice, or information that if any particular candidate is elected or defeated, work in the establishment will cease in whiole or in part, or other threats expressed or implied, intended to influence the political opinions or votes of…its employees.”

On Friday, franchise owner Paul Siegfried apologized in a written statement, saying the communication was “an error of judgment on my part.” “Please know it was never my intention to offend anyone,” he added. “For those that I have offended, I sincerely apologize.”

In a statement to The Huffington Post, Shirley Rogers Reece, general manager of McDonald’s Ohio region, said, “We wholeheartedly respect diverse views and opinions, and our employees’ right to vote. Our position is that every employee should make his or her own choice. McDonald’s had no knowledge of this material being distributed. As independent business owners, our franchisees are responsible for matters regarding their own employees. The content of this material is not reflective of McDonald’s position. We remain bipartisan on these matters. That said, while clearly this was poor judgment, we don’t believe it was intended to offend anyone.”

UPDATE 6:24 p.m.: Renacci’s opponent, Rep. Jim Boccieri (D-Ohio) put out a statement about the incident: “Sadly, these voter intimidation tactics by this McDonald’s franchise owner is another example of corporations exerting undue influence on our elections — something we’ve seen all too often lately, including earlier this year in the Citizen’s United decision. To date, big corporate special interests have spent $6 million to remove me from office. I voted to require corporations to disclose their influence in elections, so it’s not surprising this franchise supports my opponent.”

Of course McDonald’s fall guy reach out to a blogger to backpedaled their story when they realized that ish is about to become an oh shit moment!

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