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I asked my husband if he wanted to hang out on the mall in D.C. on this Saturday. His reply was if it was not cold, sure. I said in response it is winter time, of course it is going to be cold. He looked right through me as if I lost my mind. My husband can’t take cold weather at all. All you folks who plan on celebrating the inauguration and attending the festivities in Washington D.C. which will be starting today until people get tire of celebrating this historic moment in history. In my mind I am at least going to watch the crowds and get into the celebration that will unite this nation together for at least the next two weeks at least once. It would be nice if the weather is above 50 degrees. January 20th weather looks comfortable to stand in to get a glimpse of the First Lady and President elect Barack Obama. Check the weather for alerts and to help you make a decision what to wear during the inauguration. Under Armour comes to mind for cold gear clothing to wear underneath your winter attire. I can’t recall from the last election of a newly elected President of the United States if there was this much excitement in the air. The last election that even come close to the excitement and anticipation of a newly elected President was the Clinton Administration.

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