Breaking News Update: The Horror In Haiti

CNN reporters are on the story and you can listen and watch updates throughout the day on your computer. It’s being report that there are challenges getting into Haiti to get the story. President Obama has said the people of Haiti will not be forsaken and has pledge 100 million dollars in AID. President Bush had 911 and Katrina to assist the people in restoring their lives to some normacy. Now President Obama is face with the issues of war, health care, unemployment, extreme domestic issue and now this earthquake in Haiti. I salute our President for coming forward to do all that he can in this horrific event. No one could have predicate this earthquake and no one has the answers about why it happened.

 Breaking News Update: The Horror In Haiti Reporting from New York — As the magnitude of destruction in Haiti unfolded Wednesday, U.S. television networks scrambled to get reporters into the devastated country, a task greatly complicated by the shaky security and broken infrastructure.

With the air traffic control tower at the Port-au-Prince airport severely damaged, the biggest challenge was just getting near the epicenter of the earthquake that hit Tuesday.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper appeared to be the first television reporter to make it into the country, by hitching a ride Wednesday morning on a government helicopter from the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. The copter was nearly clipped by a plane as it approached Port-au-Prince. CBS’ Kelly Cobiella reached Haiti shortly afterward, after driving through the night on a dangerous road from the Dominican Republic.

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Photo: Anderson Cooper. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times


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