Alert Swine Flu Shot Can Mess Your Life Up

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This video is no laughing matter and it is downright sad for this to be happening to an human being. I don’t know about you but I strongly recommend that you think twice before running out to these allege Swine Flu vaccination stations being setup around the world for swine flu shots to think twice. Ish gives me the creeps to think about how this can become anyone of us. This mess right here reminds me of the movie “Tuskegee Experiment”of the black airmen who were vaccinated with Syphilis without their knowledge. Needless to say that did it for me and probably a whole lot of folks in my family not to willingly let anyone inject your body with anything experimental. I’ll take my chances and pop more vitamins to build my immune system but than again……popping a vitamin is questionable too? I guess I better rely on prayer and protection from the man upstairs.

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