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Nowadays you can find just about anything on the Internet and sometimes by accident without even trying. I was reading a blog that linked from another blogger called ” Hateonbeyonce” It had a link for a full version of Cadillac Records, yes the movie just came out in theatres worldwide. Could this be why the movie was an alleged flop or is it Beyonce’s acting? It is obvious that it is a bootleg copy and someone did not care about copyright law when they posted it on the Internet. I am very surprise and I am going to watch it on my HDMI television as soon as I figure out how to connect the laptop to the television.

I know I said I was not going to blog until after the New Year but this was too good not to post on my blog. I can’t hate on Beyonce because the girl is paid for days as long as she manages her money right she is set for life. A lot of us would love to be in that position without all of the hate of course.

This was the post on” Hateonbeyonce” with a picture that does not do any justice for Beyonce’s nature beauty.


Cadillac Records

Watch Cadillac Records for free

Version 1 and Version 3 work the best but hurry up because they’re going to take it down soon. My neighbor watched version 1 and said its crystal clear and the whole movie worked. She said she understands why the movie grosssed a mere 3.5 million on opening weekend.

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