Tribute Music: Happy Birthday Tupac

 Tribute Music: Happy Birthday Tupac

Tupac Amaru Shakur June 16, 1971 died September 13, 1996 (age 25) I loved this brotha music and hip hop sound. His words were deep and I found myself swaying to the beat during his reign. I still move and sway to the beat although I really listen to the words more than I did back in the day. May his soul be at peace and may he rest in peace. Happy Birthday Pac.

For a young man he produced many videos and made many albums. He was an accomplished rap artist, actor, poetry writer and social activist. To this day there are still many of his fans who believe that he is still alive and living a peaceful life somewhere in the world. Some of us had a Tupac favorite song or phrase, these are some of my favorite songs. Keep Your Head Up folks.

Life Goes On

Heaven Ain’t Hard To Find

Me Against The World

Only God Can Judge Me

Dear Mamma

Remix: Dance-Club-Remixes-OLD-SCHOOL-MIXES-2004-The-Ultimate-Rap-and-Hip-Hop-Remix-of-All-Remixes-Old-School-New-School-Eminem-Tupac-Method-Man-Nas-Jay-Z-Big-Pun-DMX

Dear Mama II Unreleased

Notorious Big Changes vs. I’ll Be Missing You

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