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blackhis4 Black History | 100 Best Black Movies Ever
While cuddling with that special someone and spending quality time during Valentine’s Day weekend with family. Take a moment to watch the 100 best black movies ever. In the process celebrate black history month. Courtesy of iloveblackmovies.
Ms. Drama caught up with Chairwoman of TV One, Cathy Hughes to discuss the new network programming. Hughes talks about the vision of TV One and why they are focused on the positive portrayal of black people from a black perspective. While expressing her views, Hughes comments on Monique’s performance in Precious as “the worst portrayal of a black women that’s ever been in cinema”. She also addresses Halle Berry’s performance that won her the Oscar and the lack of positive representation in television. Huges questions why no one has focused on the positive images out there like Michelle Obama.

During the interview, Hughes opens up about the criticism, and reveals Martin Lawerence as the brainchild of the TV One comedic shows. She talks about the Prince and Martin connection, embracing new talent and why it’s good being second as a urban network.

On recognizing positive women opposed to negative images of black women
When you have a Mo’Nique receiving an Academy-Award for the worst betrayal of a black woman that’s ever been in cinema, you realized how much it’s needed. While at the same time the most positive image of a black woman first lady, First Lady Michelle Obama right there…why would they not even want to do movies and television about someone as positive, as beautiful, as brilliant as Michelle Obama? But instead they want to betray us as this low life, no morals just the scum of the earth. So I’m thankful that God has blessed us an option, with an alternative and that’s TV One. Where our true betrayal of who we really are can be seen and heard.

You were not a fan of the movie “Precious”?
Oh, my goodness, it should have been burned. It never should have made the screen. How dare they portray a black woman, a fictional character..No black woman is that low life!

Did you think Mo’Nique did a good job acting as the character?
How you gonna do a good job? The same way I love Halle Berry…the portrayal she had. We got two Academy Awards for showing black women lower than dirt. Okay, so you answer the question.

There has been criticism of Tyler Perry’s portrayal in his shows. Do you like Tyler Perry’s shows?
There’s always a need to laugh. Laughter is healing and Tyler Perry balances that. I think that anytime your top dog, people take hot shots at you. I think Tyler Perry particularly from which he came has done a miraculous job of portraying black folks. But more importantly, he’s giving more black folks jobs then all of Hollywood combined. So to take hot shots at him…but remember they took hot shots at “The Color Purple,” which is now considered a classic. It’s always when you’re considered top dog, you can expect criticism.

One of the things my mother taught me as a child was keep your eye on the prize and as long as you feel you are right with creator and you’re right yourself, then other people’s opinions really don’t matter.

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