The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

hqdefault The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

Jenice Armstrong from Philadelphia Daily News and and Bill Anderson, radio host at WURD 900-AM discuss the Pepsi Max Commercial that aired during the Superbowl. After the break is my discussion about Pepsi Max controversial commercial.:

Everyone from the news, radio personalities, folks paid that are paid off to state the obvious and their momma is chiming in about that horrific Pepsi MAX controversial commercial during the Superbowl. What’s one more opinion? Blame the Internet for keeping it 100% and that black folks are not laughing about the Pepsi MAX commercial and rightfully so.We live in a world where voices do matter and everyone’s opinion count. Especially when businesses are striving for the bottom line and an ad spot cost $3 million dollars. Is this a WTF moment for Pepsi Max?
wtf The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial
I left this Facebook comment on the newsfeed wall of one of my cyber neighbor wall this afternoon. Pepsi should have stuck with cooking with Snoop Doggy Dog.Facebook question .: To chime in and give your two cent friend me on Facebook…I don’t tweet commentary on Twitter. Warning: Don’t join my Facebook if your not into folks keeping it raw, real and 100%! None of my cyberstreet neighbors have any tissues to dry your tears if your feelings, sob stories or what your eating at the moment has any time to get caught up in the social media bantering.
Are negative stereotypes of minorities being used in the media to slay their voices because they speak up because others wish to shoot down their concerns? Often times what folks are speaking up about are actually happening to them>ever think about that? Do you think the folks in Egypt are pretending and they simply want to trash their country? I think NOT!
The question posted on Facebook from my cyber neighbor.: Today’s Segment on GoodDay, do you think this will go away or will the boycott expand?
pepsimax The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial
The commercial should be pulled before folks decide they prefer Coco Cola over Pepsi. The best way to deal with this nonsense is hit em in the pocket….do I smell a boycott on the rise or si…mple bantering noise about a whole lot of nothing? Black people are always portrayed in an negative light by the media, videos and photographs. Folks in general are angry about unfair treatment, underemployment, poverty, lack of jobs, real estate market falling, health care, horrible response to our children being educated by bias teachers, and poorly represented by the media.
joy of pepsi 01 The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

White women should be upset that someone came up with this horrible commercial because who wants to be hit in the face with a Pepsi MAX can by anyone? The commercial sends an subliminal message that black women abuse their men, push soap in their mouth, dump their head in a cake, kick their partner under the table and go around throwing objects at white women that look at their partners? Who does that and why is Pepsi selling that perception to sell soda?

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I can personally state I could give a hoot about women looking at my man. Furthermore, my husband would think I am a nutcase if I pushed his head in food while walking pass him, he probably would kick me back if I kick him under the table…I won’t even think about what his reaction would be if I shoved soap in his mouth? I quit Pepsi and anything they have to sell.

555px Happy feet 2.svg The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

I thought the Superbowl was a YAWN this year along with the commercials…..I would rather pick my feet!

jobs pic The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

On another note I wish this Pepsi Max conversation would go away. The media should encourage Pepsi to pull the commercial or is it a slow day over at FOX News? We would love the media to focus on what matters to the people. REAL NEWS about …unemployment, poverty in the world, politics, news, real people making an impact in our world, inspiring, empowering stories, books, education, current events and local happenings. What about Black History Month?
blackhis4 The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

Is this a Black History Moment? Showing black women violating white women? Whoever came up with this commercial should be fired! Folks are tired of this nonsense…I know I am!

3543088785 a9440b0303 The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

Enough with the buffoonery about all ethnicity groups….the media make those folks famous for 15 minutes when you have folks who put in the hard work go unnoticed. Whassup with that?

pepsi bad 300x296 The Pepsi Max 100% Pepsi Controversial Commercial

Pepsi has several options.:

Pull the ad to shut everyone up. Namely the black people especially during Black History Month. Screw those folks..Corporate folks should be thinking we have enough folks that will buy our soda because they love our soda. The marketing, advertising and sales department or person got it wrong. We don’t like Pepsi Max that much when they get it wrong. Screw that and let them drink their own buffoonery at the end of the day. Folks feelings do matter when conducting business in the public sector…screw what you heard!

Fire the person who came up with the horrific Superbowl advertising…namely the commercial that has tongues wagging

Th one question that I personally would do asked any CEO or COO when faced with a millions of dollar loss,does out company have a potential loss of billions of dollars? Tell them public who purchase Pepsi Max about the blunder, sincerely apologize for the mishap and tell folks Pepsi MAX goes well with Doritoes and steak. Start a contest campaign and advertise on blogging website like thephotographer4you® to convince folks why they should continue to purchase Pepsi MAX. Dang mane my husband lives for Pepsi Max….I would hate to have a bitch fit and act like a deranged wife because he is drinking an non alcoholic beverage that folks feel is discriminating to women from all ethnicic groups. Side eye…and looking at the cans of Pepsi MAX in my refrigerator like it was the plague and I want to throw every can in the trash after I pour out the carbonated liquid. Take a loss and move on as most folks are planning on doing if the Pepsi Max folks don’t handle their business.

On a sneaky tip.: It would be one less soda my husband would drink….my kids and I hate soda around these parts. My significant other sneak the fuzzy carbonated drink in our refrigerator from time to time but SODA is not the best beverage to drink….that’s what I heard from all those health experts but it sure does taste good with Pizza!


I don’t know shit…but I know this. If you get enough folks talking ill will about a consumer product your days are number. You can consider it a wrap and you can count on the demise of your company by the hands of your own company. #JUSTSAYING  the best form of advertisement is from word of mouth…than again I am from the old school of thought when marketing a product.

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