Tax Day Talk at The Tea Party

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Today is the National Tea Party. People all over the country will be hosting and protesting the tea party events. Fox News will be covering the event with live feed and updates at They will also carry live video streams from several Tea Party locations, and will have reporters on hand in Indianapolis, Tulsa, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Sacramento, Atlanta, Boston and New York. I am drinking my bottle of cold tea right now. Remember learning in history class the Bosten Tea Party?

The Tea Parties are a response to massive spending, bailouts, tax increases and porkathons pushed by Congress and President Obama. But the tax-revolt didn’t start overnight. It’s been brewing for years, thanks to an increasingly punishing and convoluted system.

One answer is the flat tax or Fair Tax: “The FairTax plan is a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a probate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and, through companion legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment.”

  • Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks.
  • Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions.
  • Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities.
  • Allows American products to compete fairly.
  • Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy.
  • Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding.
  • Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation.
  • Abolishes the IRS.It requires a retail/sales tax of 23 percent (or higher to keep up with spending by Congress and Obama). But the difference is that taxpayers would know how much they are being taxed. Under current law, the tax is hidden by payroll withholding. The government takes its cut before we see a dime. And most of us don’t even know that we work until mid-April just to pay taxes.
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