Steve Harvey Morning Message To You

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This morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show after his customary message, introduction of his crew and a few words from his sponsors. Steve Harvey had a message from him and his book publisher. There is a women on the Internet who uploaded his entire book for download for free. Don’t open any attachments in an email or anything pertaining to his book. He has the name of the person, email and tracking her activity of copyright infringement. Anyone who downloads his book for free will be put in the same category as the person who uploaded it. It sound serious and he said he don’t care what you may have heard about his book that is no excuse to download his material for free. It will not be tolerated. Of course I was curious; I went to the Internet to peruse this claim of copyright infringement to see who would be foolish enough to upload an entire book. Much to my surprise you have folks out there who would upload their mother if given the opportunity. Don’t play with Steve Harvey and Harper Collins money or they will come after you too! I am just a messenger.

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