Your Social Security May Have Been Highjacked

soc security Your Social Security May Have Been Highjacked

Last night on 20/20 Binder and Binder (Google the name) name kept coming up about Social Security fraud.

Eric Conn name keeps coming up on C-SPAN Live hearing. Notice the last name…..sweet peas Eric Conn is a con.

Oh baby it is going down on the house floor > C-SPAN Live Social Security Administration fraud is a very hot topic:

Management at the Social Security Administration are asscloths n shady folks to their employees. What is astounding is the favoritism n back office#politricks going on in the administration. Paralegals and Legal Assistants: The Unsung Legal Heroes! got a raw deal. The 4 young ladies testifying are #Paralegals. I am proud of these young #women courage to #SPEAKUP n tell it like it tis.

I am still watching n getting the 411. OMG! Some of the doctors on trial are using their 5th amendment right. Uh huh….dem Kenturcky shady doctors are damn near looking like they’re bout to have a heart attack. Lawyers whisper in the ear. Then you have the doctors that are keeping it really 300 percent about Mr. Con artist lawyer.

DAMN! Ish is getting  hot on the hill in the DMV. This reminds me of when I was on Workers Compensation dealing with dem shady IME and worker compensation lawyers. When I applied for social security eons ago. I was turned down. YURP….turned down.

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